I'm sorry, but your pregnancy is totally freaking me out. No offense.

Right now there are about a half dozen women I am either friends with or acquainted with who are currently pregnant. They post their big news all over Facebook and upload ultra-sound images and snapshots of their ever-growing bellies.  They even have professional photographers come in to photograph them and their husband hugging, holding, kissing and caressing that belly.  It's absolutely precious. And it totally freaks me out. ...more

I was always so bored by some friends' pregnancy photos and pregnancy talk and I wondered if ...more

On Hatred of All Things Crafty

When the idea for a family gift exchange first came up this year, my initial response was, "Wait. I'm poor. I can't afford Christmas." And then I thought, "OOH! Unless we did a CRAFT exchange in which we gave homemade arts and crafts to each other." And then I laughed. I am NOT a crafty person. Nor am I a "do it yourself" sort of person. ...more

I get my "awesome" (or lack of) craft-skill from my mom.  I am with you, I would ...more