Two years of Sundays

Two years ago when we moved to Austin, we had to find a church. ...more

Nothing Good Gets Away

I just discovered this letter. It took my breath away. I had to share ....more


Ok just finished a book all in one day. The beginning few chapters were hilarious! About halfway through I … Read More → ...more

Sharing Light

Okay, it’s pretty clear that I love to read Christian books written by women. ...more

Let’s talk about being Invited

Lysa TerKuerst wrote a new book called “Uninvited”. I’m on the launch team so I had a chance to read … Read More → ...more

Road Trip to Magnolia Market!

I’m so excited! My friend, Amy, and I road tripped to Waco today! Rather than write about it, I thought … Read More → ...more

To My Daughter with Learning Differences

This letter was written and submitted to The Mighty before I posted it here. ...more

Bono and The Message. Worlds collide.

When I first found...more

Trying a new thing – Great Big YES video!

Okay friends, bear with me…I just made a video. ...more

The Mirror Moment

I don’t know anymore. I hear them say the country is going to hell in a hand basket. And … Read More → ...more