You Get Wise, You Get to Church!

My husband loves to quote movies. Thus, the title of this post. ...more


Front porch of the Hatmaker house! ...more

The Last First Day

Be still my heart. This is the Last First Day. My oldest is a senior in high school ....more

For the Love – It’s Time!

Every once in a while a book comes along that INSPIRES. ...more

BOOM! I finished the Whole30!

Yep. It’s done. I did it ....more

Panic at The Restaurant

You’ve heard of Panic at the Disco? I panicked at the restaurant. We went out to eat twice last weekend ....more

Day 13

Okay…so I’m trying something new. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know this already. It’s called … Read More → ...more

The Coach

I was walking yesterday and listening to a podcast about all of us being in training and God being the … Read More → ...more

The Music

It’s interesting. I just posted that I won’t be able to post that often and here I am posting. Something … Read More → ...more

What’s next?

Okay. I have a whole bunch of exciting announcements. ...more