Abuse: Ray & Janay Rice and my story #whyileft

I sat down to write a post about acupuncture, which is one of my favorite topics to talk about. Instead, I found myself pouring out a little part of my heart and soul that I’ve tried to keep hidden for over 10 years. A piece of my past that is dirty and embarrassing. A part of my past that I am ashamed of. Some people say they have no regrets and those people have either lived a painfully boring life or are completely full of shit. I’ve done LOTS of stuff I regret which is probably why I’ll never have a midlife crisis....more


Could someone give me a hand while I crawl up here on top of my soap box? I need to get something off of my chest. Body shaming is body shaming no matter if you are calling someone fat or too skinny or a pig or whatever.I'm so sick of seeing crap like this: ...more

My Little Black Book: Atlanta Edition

My brother and his family ju...more

Simple Tips for Taking Better Smart Phone Photos

I've said before that knowing your strengths is important and a photographer I am not. Add it to the list under Chef. Here is what I AM really good at, I am really good at knowing people who ARE good  at doing things. I consider this a very real talent and I'd appreciate you not bursting my bubble. My good friends say that I am the best connector. Whatcha need? I've got someone for ya! Got a problem? I can fix it!  ...more

Toddler Demands:Things That Are Currently Consuming My Life & A Request

I just want to share with you on this beautiful Friday morning, a few things that are currently all consuming in my little, smelly, ridiculous life. Oh, and I have a few demands of my own at the end so please be a doll and help a sister out.  ...more

Easily Delicious Orange Honey Salmon with Sautéed Kale

It's important to know your strengths and a chef I am not. Don't get me wrong, I can cook but if I won $100 million cooking would be the first thing I would scratch off my list. And this is exactly why you should pay close attention to any recipes I post. If I can make them and make them good then they are really easy and you'll be happy to have them in your rotation. ...more

Real Estate Emotions: Highs, Lows, and Gigantic Korean Needles

May 27, 2013 we moved out of the first home we ever owned together. It was a beautiful home. I absolutely loved it. We got engaged in that house, found out we were going to be parents in that house, spent a month or so on bed rest, brought home so much baby crap and drug around pack n plays in that house (read about a night of pack n plays HERE on SO YOU GOT KNOCKED UP?! still cracks me up), and finally brought Camy home...to our home....more

Anxiety Chronicles

Anxiety is a soul sucking whore of a beast.I don’t know why I have anxiety. I honestly don’t remember not having anxiety. It is only recently after talking to a dear friend that overcame a brutal case of anxiety and agoraphobia that I’ve decided that I’m not accepting this shit anymore. My entire life I have accepted anxiety as part of my personality but I’m done with that. Well, I’m trying to be done with that. ...more
userh6478 It is a vicious cycle. I have finally found something that works for me - sharing soon ...more