The Overall Awesomeness That is Harley-Davidson

Back when we were happy newlyweds, my husband and I thought about buying a motorcycle. For his 40th birthday, I surprised him by signing us up on a Poker Run that some of his airport friends were doing. I asked around about what kind of bike he might like, and I had my ideas about the kind of motorcycle I wanted to be on the back of. We ended up renting an aqua and white Softail....more

Saying Goodbye to the Sugar Shack

A year and a half ago, my life was a bit upside down. I was separated and a month away from filing for divorce. I didn’t have much of an income. I was 40 and living at my mom’s. I was feeling like a big loser. Amidst all the turmoil, I had hope. The kind of hope that annoyingly bubbles up even when your grumpy self wishes you could kill it with a shotgun and hide the remains in the big box with all your other broken dreams, like being the first woman in space. (Damn you, Sally Ride!)...more

Train Tracks in Time

After five days in Salt Lake City, I'm finally on my way to meet up with my carpool in Denver. I'm taking a train through the southern expanse of nothing-to-look-at that is Wyoming. The train is filled with old timers, poor college students, and young families on adventures. The sun is beginning to squeeze through the cracks between the drawn blue curtains. ...more

Inspired by Hope

I was so inspired by many of the women that I met at BlogHer. One of the women really impacted my thoughts. Krysten from Hope Revo had an idea... and it got legs! I sent out a poll and a plea, or rather a call to action. "Hope" you vote and act: ...more

Coming Out of the Fog: BlogHer 2008, San Francisco

There is so much to tell I can hardly get my brain around it all. But here goes anyway... ...more

Bubble Gum Ice Cream

While it's not my favorite flavor, it does remind me of my favorite story about ice cream. And after all, isn't life just one story after another? When I was a kid, I belonged to a funky hippy little Blue Bird troupe. It was run by a lady named Cheryl who looked an awful lot like my Kindergarten Teacher, Ms. Bowden and Cher without all the make-up and leather. Sometimes, her friend Popcorn (swear to God) would come and teach us dances like The Hussle in order to earn patches. What can I say... it was the 70s. ...more

A Dysfunctional Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a Sweet Little Girl who lived in a foreign land, trapped in a castle that was not hers. No matter how much she smiled or laughed, the King and Queen of that horrid land were rarely amused. They declared her a nuisance. How were they to be bothered with her needs with so many more pressing, more important issues to deal with? They had a daughter cursed to die and another cursed to cry about the people in infomercials about acne. "Go away!" they would say. The Sweet Little Girl learned early to keep to herself and especially... ...more

Learning To Ride

I was listening to a couple of dads today talking about teaching their kids to ride their bikes for the first time. As they were describing the day they first let go, you could hear the joy in their voices. I thought back to the time that I taught my oldest. We would go up and down the street every morning before school, each day going a little more. Her sister would be sitting in her car seat with a warm bottle of milk quietly watching, not understanding why we were laughing and giggling. One day, I knew it was time. ...more

It's hard letting them go...