Sinfully Good Brown Sugar Brownies (Shut Yer Mouth & Chew)

  Now I realize that it is the height of summer. Baking is probably the last thing on your mind. Cranking up your oven, enduring the furnace when you open it, heating up your whole house. Listening to your husband gripe because you are fighting directly with the thermostat. But listen, these are worth it. I promise. These brownies? Right here? They make my husband weak in the knees. They are his kryptonite. So obviously I make them as often as I can and hold one under his nose while he is opening my credit card statement. Trickery? I think not....more

A Big Splash In The Tub

It finally happened. It hasn't happened in my almost six years of being a parent. I've avoided it, somehow. But last night, it happened. ...more

Just Like Heaven

Parenting is hard. ...more

Like Her Mothers

I wanted to write the story of my mother. But when I started constructing it in my head I realized that it would take far too long and based on my scattered knowledge, wouldn't make much sense to anyone outside the family. She's complex, my mother. Her story is full of independence, restlessness, a great lost love, a long drawn out painful marriage, numerous missteps and triumphs. It is a great story, but an unfinished one. And without her permission and memories to pick from I'm afraid I couldn't do the telling of it justice. ...more

The Monster's Poor Pitiful Sick Day & The Case of the Mean Mommy

The phone rang at 8:45am this morning. The voice on the other end said, "Hello. Mrs. Sugarbritches?" "Yes." "This is Ms. So and So at the school. The Monster says he doesn't feel well. Would you like to speak to him?" "Yes I would." The Monster, "Mom, I don't feel very well. My head and tummy hurt very badly. I feel like I'm going to throw up." "Do you have a fever?" "No, Ms. So and So said I don't" ...more

Yeah I'm sure he got the point haha.  Sounds like my baby brother when he was in grade ...more

Picking Favorites

There's been a shift occurring in my home. Not as dramatic as an earthquake but faster than erosion. Somewhere along the lines of sand dunes changing imperceptibly on a day to day basis. ...more

She's a doll. Having a girl is great after the last 4 years of just boys. ...more

Chopsticks Optional

Dear New China Buffet Busboy or Carpet Cleaner, I'm sorry. So very sorry. One of the main reasons my family splurges to go out to eat is not because of your amazingly tasty and authentic Chinese cuisine located in the middle of landlocked Arkansas, but for the simple fact I don't have to clean up after it. I know you probably cringe when you see us come in and I could hear your sigh as you grabbed the nearest grimy high chair and led us to our booth. I almost felt sorry for you, because being the mother of my children I knew what mess was in store for you upon our departure. ...more

I laughed at this because my more

BlogHer Paparazzi

I'm not attending BlogHer 09 in Chicago. God how I wish I was. I'd love nothing better than a weekend away from the responsibilities of this family life I've chosen. Time with intelligent, talented, witty females whom I might be able to relate too. The freedom to have a few drinks and hang out without the 6am wake up call of a fussy baby. Yes I want to go, but I won't be going. Money, family obligations, mostly money will keep me from it. Anyone want to stow me away in their suitcase? ...more

I feel the same way.  Some day! Our time will come.


When The Friendly Divorce Leaks Into Your Blog

I wanted to write this post on my personal blog, but I couldn't. Why not? Because HE reads it. ...more

It used to upset me that boyfriends didn't want to read my blog. Then I met the man who would ...more

Just Listen

I'm searching for my voice. Have you seen it? No, of course you haven't, because I'm not sure I ever had it to lose. Discovering one's voice is tough work. My inner monologue is a chameleon, constantly changing and shifting to suit my dialogue partner or my current mood. I'm sitting very still these days, trying to hear, straining for a syllable of my voice. Is it catty? Sarcastically biting reaching hard to be witty, when indeed I am not? Do I wax sentimental too much, caught in emotions that you, the audience, find dull? ...more

for your support and insight. You girls are truly wonderful. Thanks for the small boost in ...more