{Merry Month of May}

It’s already May? I have not been creating a thing the past few weeks and wanted to catch up on my blog. So yet again, I have random posts to share today ....more

{Lacy Fabric Tags and Replica Key}

This sweet key was given to me this past week when my daughter was unpacking some of her things since her move here. It is a replica she purchased at the Whitefish Point Lighthouse gift shop, most likely one of the lighthouse keepers from long ago. But, I just love it!! ...more

{Vintage Laces Fabric Book}

Ahhhhhh! To sew and to sew some more…such little things we take for granted and now I can do them again in small doses. First, it was tackling the pedal on the machine ....more

{Sweet Little Cuffs}

I started these cuffs back in May 2014. All that they really needed were a few more buttons and lace to tie them around the wrist. This week I sat down and finished them ....more

{Spring is Spiffy}

Hello! I am so happy to be writing this and the birds are chirping, snow is melting, and sun is shining. It really was hard the past few months when “winter” really hit here ....more

{Hello March}

Hello and Happy March! As I write to you from the arctic world (at least it is about zero today), I wish I could tell you I’ve been super busy creating amazing things. I have been creating, that part is true…but finishing what I started is another story ....more

{Menagerie of Altered Canvases}

I wanted to share a few altered canvases made over the last several weeks. Using cabinet cards, ephemera, mother of pearl buttons, antique lace, tissue papers, paper doilies, and embellishments. I guess you could say that my mind has and art is in altering mode ....more

{Hello February}

Photo from Pinterest ...more

{January Birthday’s and Totally Random}

Today I am celebrating my oldest son Ian’s 29th birthday! I cannot believe it has been 29 years since he arrived in this world. He brought some Pud Thai (which I have not had in years) for lunch and we ate at my house ....more

{Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You? Journal Page}

Hello Dear Friends! I managed the past few days to hang out in the studio. My mojo has been pouring out, my energy not so much ....more