latest healthy & organic vitacost haul

This INSANE flu epidemic going around?  Ya, it now includes my house.   ...more

the bathroom experience of redemption

There I was, in a heap, on the bathroom floor.It seems to happen there often, doesn't it?The room with a cold landing.The room with a lock.The room where you can cry, and nobody can see just how incredibly weak you really feel ....more

confessions of a homeschooler

Sometimes it's just easier to press record and let the confessions flow. My humorous and honest confessions of the last 6 months of homeschooling. I think there's something in this for everyone, whether you homeschool or not, parent or not! =) Leave a comment below sharing your own thoughts and experiences!And please subscribe! Also check out Her&I Blog, my new project with my friend Sarah! ...more

friday favorites: best of the internet!

Have you noticed my blogging efforts this week? Look at this! Three posts in ONE week!!!  It's like I'm a professional or something.And to finish up the week I'll share what has quickly become some of my favorite posts to read on other blogs: Friday Favorites.Sharing what caught my attention this week, what shook me up, and where else I may have been on the Internets ....more

after anxiety...

There was a time where I never thought I would be able to say..."After anxiety...." ...more

vitacost haul: favorite healthy products!

Time for show and tell of some of my favorite products from my weekly Vitacost Hauls.{I mean....every OTHER week.  I do have some self control!} ...more

been around the web and i i i...

Okay, so first off, Her & I YouTube is alive and well!  It's been so fun adding in this project to my life, and switching things up.  It's just the change I needed to find passion and motivation again! ...more

Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream