What We Need is Midol for Kids

 If you are expecting a baby girl or have one who is still blissfully pre-adolescent, I apologize now because I’m about to blow the top off your dreams of having ‘sugar and spice’ in your home.Sally has PMS. ...more

Lost Without Lost

It's a Gift

Sometimes your child will decide to make you a gift. Once in a blue moon it’ll go really well. The other times? Well, you’ve seen the ants carry off the Fruit Loop necklaces. In just three years I’ve built up a decent collection of handmade gifts. Some of them are beautiful paintings. Others are a single green line on a paper, which I am instructed to “take to work and show your friends.” But there are a few gifts that really stand out ....more

Letters from a Sandal

  In the spring of 2010, unspeakable tragedy occurred in a young girl’s wardrobe. Suddenly overtaken by a heartless dictator, dozens of pants, shirts and socks were cast aside, sent to slow, agonizing deaths in the closet and dresser....more

For Mother's Day I Got You This Water Buffalo

  So I read this USA Today story about Mother’s Day gift ideas that give back. I took it as a suggestion that in lieu of jewelry or flowers or whatever it was you were planning on getting at 11:59 p.m. the night before, you instead give a gift of, say, a mosquito net for a family in Africa in my name. I’m supposed to melt with compassion and pride that my child has thought of others instead of me, and think it’s the greatest Mother’s Day gift ever.jcarillet/iStockphotoApparently I’m the worst person on Earth, because my initial, gut reaction was: WHAT?!...more

The Swindler at the Door


Road Trip

Play Like a Girl

“I get in trouble when I play princesses,” Mr. Embee revealed. I tried to pat him on the head and tell him it’s great that he tries, but I wasn’t sure what else to say at the time, except stuff like “well, you just, you know…It’s like playing house.” Because I’M A GIRL. Asking how I know how to play girl games is like me asking how guys know everything about sports cars. You just DO. It’s genetic. ...more

Ass Hair

 This might give something away, but I couldn’t not post it. ...more

Why is it I can see right through to this little girl's future --- when she gets a PhD and her ...more