Create Life-Long Learners

Creating life long learners is one of the goals I have with homeschooling, and I suspect it is a goal of many (if not most) homeschooling families out there. We want our children not to feel that when the bell rings their brains can shut down, but instead to look at every moment as an opportunity to learn something new. And to love it! ...more

Homeschooling Around Our Schedule

One of the best things about homeschooling is the freedom to fit it into your family schedule. You can take your vacation in the spring or autumn instead of in winter. You can have your kids do work in the car on the way to a family outing, or arrange your studies around a night owl's best hours. Or, for our family, we can skip the typical Monday through Friday schedule and arrange our week around their father's unusual work days. ...more

Homeschooling Preschool? Why?

As homeschooling becomes more and more popular I have noticed a common theme among families with young children. Homeschooling preschool. It strikes me as almost bizarre to hear parents talking about curriculum and schedules and plans for their 3 year old. Everything you could ever imagine, from flashcards to worksheets, are now available for those who want to give their little ones a proper education from their own kitchen table. But I have to wonder where is the fun in all of it? ...more

Beginning Homeschooling

This year we begin homeschooling. I say "begin" loosely because I am of the belief that all parents homeschool their children from birth. Helping them learn to crawl, talk, walk, and read are all the earliest aspects of homeschooling. But in a legal sense this is the year we begin, the year my son is old enough to be enrolled in school. This is the year when it begins to count. ...more

Congrats! I hope it works out for you. I really wanted to homeschool mine, but my son who is ...more