Looking for Prejudice? You'll Find It.

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Presenting Elsbeth Nusser–Lampe

My Rather Short Bucket List

So, New Year's comes but once a year. That's about all I can stomach.  All of this looking to the future and re-creating myself takes its toll....more
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Ice Frozen

Well, the thermometer got up to a balmy 36 degrees today. But, even so, I am still in the frozen state of mind from earlier in the week. Just can't thaw out. So, submitting to the wiles of January, I've decided I can't beat 'em and might as well join 'em....more

Loving Pre-washed Quilting Fabric

Snow Frozen

Water. That's the problem. When there's water around, and the air gets cold in winter, the water freezes. And, woe to those who live near great bodies of water.For example, here in the Washington Metropolitan Area, we are wedged in between four water laden sources: the Atlantic Ocean, The Chesapeake Bay, the Anacostia River and the Potomac River....more

In A Quilting Frenzy! Somebody Stop Me!

Not really. What I really mean is, "STAND OUTTA MY WAY!"On a morning when I thought things would be back to normal after the holidays, I awakened to an e-mail from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Now, every morning I check Jenny Doan's Daily Deal, but I wasn't expecting to find a BIG "2014 Kick Starter Sale."...more

Part II: Melons with a Peale

Part I: A Maryland Melon

Moving along into January, I start to get excited. It's time to gather the gear for seed starting next month and order the seeds to start!Seed starting is a passion, because it's so much fun and it's inexpensive, once the heating mats and thermostats are purchased. January is the time to sort through things to make sure everything is working and ready. It's important to allow plenty of time if ordering through the mail is necessary, because, believe me, you won't be the only one with the idea....more