Student Loan Bills Too High? Help is Available!

Do you have student loans to repay? Do you have a lot of student loan debt? Let me share my story with you…My standard student loan repayment plan has never been reasonable. When I graduated college, my first standard repayment plan was $300 a month, which would have left me with no money for emergencies, let alone any savings.  ...more

7 Steps for Surviving a Flood in Your House (Financially!)

In case you hadn’t heard, on Wednesday night, B and I came home to a flood in our house. Not, surprisingly, from the flood that happened two weeks ago, but actually from a burst water pipe in our laundry room. ...more

Discounts for Teachers (and Students!)

If you live on the West Coast, chances are you (or your kids, or, in my case, my significant other) may have started school a few weeks ago. East Coasters, you may have been lucky enough to start only a week or so ago Has being back to school finally sunk in? ...more

Thrify Travel: Ever thought of Couchsurfing or AirBnB?

Let’s face it: sometimes the most expensive part of travel is finding a cheap place to stay. When traveling on a budget, if you’re up for it, sometimes you can find cheap hotels outside of the city. If you’re lucky, the city you’re visiting will have good public transportation and you can take a bus or subway/light rail to get around. If you’re not lucky, you can be stuck spending money on taxis if you’re too far away to walk. ...more

How to Set Up a Budget

If you’ve ever tried to set up a budget before, you’ll know that while it sounds easy, it can turn into a huge project. You start with the basics first, but then suddenly you’re asking yourself ‘well, is that coffee with my co-worker a fun expense, or is it a networking expense? What about when I had to buy shaving cream? The spouse/SO and I don’t share shaving cream, so is it a personal expense or a household expense?’...more

Reasons to Get a Master's Degree

Only approximately 11% of the population has a master’s degree, and many would argue that a college degree is sufficient for getting your foot in the door to a good job. Depending on what you majored in at college, you may agree with this statement. I know a ton of accounting majors who got jobs right after we all graduated college, while the liberal arts majors looked around and said, “back to Mom and Dad’s?”...more
You shared some great advice, particularly on networking and gaining new skills. I was fortunate ...more

Networking for Introverts

Networking: for many people, the bane of their existence. This is even more pronounced for introverts like myself. Even if your job mostly involves working behind a computer, you probably had to do some networking, at the very least in the form of the interview, to get your job. Especially nowadays, when getting a job partially lies on who you know, networking is increasingly necessary. No longer can you just hope to get promotions based on the quality of your work. You’re going to have to come out of your cube and talk to people! ...more

Three Places to Get Free Resume Help