The Best Pie I've Ever Made: Peanut Butter and Biscoff Pie

I'm pretty sure this is the best pie I've ever made. I wish I had a good story to go along with it. I could pretend that it's a secret family recipe, passed down and well loved from generation to generation. Or that the first time I made this pie was the night I got engaged, and I've cherished the recipe ever since. Or even that it won me top prize at a county fair. ...more
Okay, so Now I have two more desserts that I want to make, and practically no time to try and do ...more

Eggnog Challah French Toast Bread Pudding.

 I love eggnog. Some people say it's very rich, and that you can only have a tiny glass, but I don't have that problem. I'll intentionally not buy eggnog during Christmas, just so that I don't accidentally drink the whole thing. When I worked at Starbucks and eggnog latte season rolled around, I'd have to ration myself to a little 4oz. sample cup's worth each day. Not as a latte, mind you....more

DIY Christmas Gift: Wine Jelly.

 Christmas is less than two weeks away, which, for me, is pretty sad....more

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Pecan Pie Bread Pudding.

With whiskey maple cream sauce. ...more

Vegan Thai Salad

  It's pretty terrible going straight from a huge weekend of Thanksgiving feasting right into the Christmas season. Inevitably there will be lots of cakes and cookies and cocktails, and who can say no?...more

Easy Mofongo with Chicken "Vaca Frita"

 You're probably busy right now planning for mashed potatoes and stuffing and turkeys, but if you're looking to try something new for dinner this week before a big traditional Thanksgiving, I recommend you try your hand at mofongo....more

Kimchi "Pizza Rolls"

 Monday's kimchi pizza was so good that I was inspired to make kimchi "pizza rolls"....more
I bet these are really really goodmore

"St. Louis-style" Kimchi Pizza.

Cheddar Pumpkin Wonton Cups

Cheddar Pumpkin Wonton Cups. ...more
Oh my. Umm, wow. These look amazing. *WANT*more