I Am Not a Sucker

I tell my two little girls they have to go get in the car; I have to drive through the bank real quick.   Amélie (still 4 for a few more days) says “will they give us suckers?”   They certainly will!   As I get in I see they are both in the 3rd row seat, not in their car seats. I say “you guys have to buckle up in your car seats if you want to go get suckers…”   Amélie says, “That’s O.K....more

Tuna Awry

The other day Mad made tuna melts at a friend’s house. I do occasionally let the kids help me cook, but apparently not as much as I should. Ever since her fantastic tuna melt making experience she has wanted to repeat the magic in her own kitchen. Which I take to mean, she wants to watch ME make tuna melts and clean up, and so, I have been putting her off. I do know my kids. That child is relentless when she has an idea. She clutches it in her obsessive little brain, like a pit bull clutches a bone in it's jaws....more

But this totally made me laugh. I'm really quite impressed that she was able to open the can ...more

Once again I find myself in New and Unfamiliar Territory

But hey, that is nothing new; I grew up being shuffled from place to place between my parents and in foster care.  If I can be the new kid at 8 different high schools being the new kid on this sight should be a cake walk.  Just give me a few days and I will figure it all out.  ...more