How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Does your washing machine smell? Does it just not look as clean as it used to? Time to clean the washing machine ....more

Must Do Camping Hacks - Tips for Easier Organized Camping

We have been camping since before we were married so I consider myself an expert (trial by fire) on how to make RV camping and tent camping for that matter less work and my enjoyable with some of these tips. We have been camping in a trailer for years now and I love it. It is like my play house ....more

Setting Up Our Homeschool

Since I have had a long break between first graders, I have needed to organize and set up our homeschool supplies once again. I do not have a school room and we usually use our kitchen table for most work. In order to celebrate back to school for our two youngest I set up a small table display ....more

From the Farm Blog Hop August 8th

Happy Friday. Welcome to the party....more

Back to School and Homeschool

In less than two weeks my older girls will all be back in school or college or about to be and soon we will begin homeschooling first grade. This will be my 18th year of homeschooling and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you have ever considered it, do it ....more

From the Farm Blog Hop July 25

Dog days of summer are here. How you all keeping ...more

The Best Breakfast Sandwich EVER

When we go camping, FOOD is of the highest priority. We always have what we think is the best breakfast sandwich ever, a Canadian bacon, cheddar, egg, croissant sandwich. But of course it can be made and enjoyed at home so I am sharing with you so you can liven up your morning and make your tummy happy too ....more

From the Farm Blog Hop, July 18

Welcome! Happy Friday. Hope you are enjoying your summer ....more

Safe Clean Handling of Backyard Chickens

How do you find a balance between a moderate germaphobe and the keeping and cuddling of backyard chickens? Clean handling measures of our chickens out back is a priority for me. I want us to be able to hold and handle our chickens, but I also want to keep the family and especially the little one who hangs out in the coop safe from the germs chickens can carry, namely salmonella ....more

Building a Chicken Coop Out of Old Furniture

My latest article for...more