Creamy Tuna Noodle Macaroni Salad

You know it is spring when I start making creamy tuna noodle macaroni salad. This dish means warm weather to us. Creamy cold and filling, this is my summertime meal of choice when the heat is on ....more

How To Plant Tomatoes The Right Way

Some more vegetable gardening tips...more

Simple Saturdays Blog Hop 4/11

Welcome to the hop! Happy Saturday. We are off the pick out a tree for the backyard ....more

Raising Baby Chicks vs. Pullets

Raising chicks vs. pullets, the pros and cons. I have done both and I like raising new chickens both ways ....more

Week in the Garden and Coop

It has been a busy week in the garden and coop. We had three trees removed and the rest of our trees trimmed. We had to take out two of the old orange trees that my husband's grandma had planted but they were damaging our driveway so they had to go and we figured they were at least 40 years old ....more

Simple Saturdays Blog Hop 4/4

Join us for ideas on living a Simple Lifestyle and being Self Sufficient! Welcome to...more

Growing An Urban Vegetable Garden - Tips And Information For Year Round Gardening In Southern California

The climate in southern California is a gardener's dream. You can grow food crops year round. I am harvesting food from our garden every month of the year ....more

Create a Baking Basket - Kitchen Quick Tip

Another in our kitchen organization series. When I go to bake or stir up something from scratch, I don't want to have to go here or there to gather my ingredients so I created a baking basket. All my baking and scratch cooking needs in one place ....more

A Week In The Garden And Coop

Spring has rapidly turned to summer here in Southern California. Warm to hot temps have begun. March to April is the most beautiful in the garden here ....more

Cilantro Lime Rice

A super easy refreshing rice side dish. This cilantro lime rice recipe is great with fish, chicken or Mexican food. All you do is cook some Jasmine rice according to package directions but add a good tablespoon of butter while it cooks ....more