Spooky Halloween Village

Every year we put up our spooky little Halloween village. It grows and changes locations but is always fun and just a bit spooky....more

Simple Saturdays, Oct. 4th

Welcome and Happy Saturday! Join us for ideas on Simple Lifestyle and being self sufficient! ...more

When you begin

When you begin teaching basic math concepts in Kindergarten or first grade, I have found using manipulatives help to connect the concept for little ones. We have had a set of little rubber animals for ...more

Halloween Home Tour 2014

It's my favorite month of the year and my favorite time for decorating. For the month of October it is all about Halloween and fall decor. Here is the start of my Sunny Simple Life Halloween Home Tour ....more

Using Egg Shells in the Garden

Backyard chickens provide so much for us and for the garden but don't forget their eggs. When you boil eggs, don't toss the water. Save it and once it is cool, pour around your plants as a calcium boost for the garden ....more

Simple Saturdays, Sept. 27

Happy Saturday and especially fall! Cooler here for the weekend and I could not be happier. ...more

Feminism,,,Um Not!

Sometimes you just have to write what you feel. Yesterday, my older girls and I had a wonderful, as in my kids are smarter than I ever was, kind of discussion over feminism. None of us, we decided firmly, want that label for all the causes we feel it does not take up ....more

Pre-Holiday Room by Room Cleaning Plan - The Dining Room

Okay, onto the dining room in my pre-holiday room by room cleaning plan. I am a bit behind with the start of school and a camping trip but I am going to try and wip through the rest of the house making that a priority. Today is the dining room ....more

Simple Saturdays Blog Hop, Sept. 19

Welcome to...more

Cheesy Summer Squash

This time of year you may have lots of squash from the garden or farmer's market so I will share out absolute favorite way to cook up a batch of squash into cheesy summer squash. Take any summer squash and dice into junks. This is a good time to clean out your crisper drawer of any thing good to saute ....more