super simple spinach salad #EatRightForYourSight

Spinach is one of my fave veggies, especially in a salad. While I eat lots of salads, there is something that keeps me coming back to delicate organic baby spinach. The amount of spinach I go through is almost comical ....more

grilled Gardein teriyaki chick’n skewers #meetchef

I’m all about healthy food that tastes delicious, looks gorgeous and is ready in minutes! When the opportunity to showcase Gardein products AND share a coupon with you came up, I was totally thrilled. Everyone in my house loves Gardein, from the #meetchef...more

rosemary lemon sugar scrub – spring shape up!

It’s that time again, time to peel off the winter wear and bare those lovely legs and shoulders. Nooooo! Despite having a mild So-Cal winter, my skin looks like I have been hanging at the north pole for the past 4 months ....more

5 tips to drink more water

Most people know they should drink water daily, but how many of us actually do it? The truth is that drinking water is a constant struggle for me, I know I should do it but I am constantly dehydrated! Why exactly is water important anyway? ...more

let’s hear it for FREE yoga!

That’s right,...more

simple living – check in

It’s hard to believe that we have been in the mountains for more than a year already, and that we just moved again. While not perfect with our Simple Living plan, we have definitely changed for the better. I was actually doing quite well until we moved ....more

Hello November!

I can’t believe it’s November already and I have decided to sign up for my 1st NaBloPoMo (...more

thai pumpkin soup

I love the tastes of fall, especially pumpkin. I definitely lean towards the savory side and this thai pumpkin soup came together in minuets with such a warming texture and taste that I am making it again today. Since we just moved, AGAIN, I have been remodeling the kitchen in the sadly neglected home we bought ....more

strawberry quinoa smoothie

Let’s kick off ...more

diy- lemon coconut salt scrub recipe

How has summer been treating your skin? If you are dry, flaky and maybe a bit splotchy then this easy diy coconut lemon salt scrub is just what you need. I love to have the time to pamper myself, but in reality it’s quite rare ....more