A Forced Slow-Down

Just a few minutes ago I received the notification on my phone that our schools are cancelled tomorrow. ...more

"The Rush Hour of Life" - On Being Forty

Recently, I've read about the, "Rush hour of life,” when career and child-rearing peaks collide....more

Saving My Life Right Now

Many times we grumble about what isn't working, what is frustrating us and what might be driving me nuts! ...more

I learned a new word: Kaizen

Recently, on The Art of Simple, Tsh shared a word that was new to me but fit in with my style of goals and change. ...more

Moody Monday Randomness

It's a wintry January Monday morning here and the clouds are hanging low over the mountains. ...more


We all have setbacks. ...more

A Little More of This and a Little Less of That...

It happens to so many of us when January arrives on our calendars: Eat well, exercise more, get healthy, save more plan now. I'm susceptible to all the articles and pins that tell me how to look better and feel better. ...more

The Best Day

2014 was a great year and I can't think of any major issues that I faced. ...more

Yearly Thoughts

This pause between Christmas and New Year's Day always prompts me to look back and to look forward. ...more

I Had To Pull Off the Road

I heard this on the radio and had tears in my eyes...I hope you have time to listen today ....more