What's the Thing About Beauty?

this is a random post but came about to me one day and i couldn’t stop writing it all down – so enjoy the randomness:...more

Why I'm Proud of My C-Section

I gave birth to two healthy (but premature) girls in July 2014. Throughout my pregnancy, I always knew in the back of my mind that I wanted a c-section. See, I'm in the super tiny group that actually had no desire to push. And when I was asked about my "birth plan" (what's that?) I always shyly, and almost embarrassingly apologetical, murmured that I wanted a dreaded c-section.  I've come across some interesting phenomenen while being pregnant - and part of that was the belief that "super moms" vaginally gave birth and c-sections were a big no-no....more

#WomensLives: A reflection of my experience with domestic violence

the topic of domestic violence has been weaved throughout my life since i was a little girl. it was something drifting in the air, before i even knew what that something was – and even now, as a 31 year old woman i barely give it a thought to what a monumental thing that i’ve personally witnessed in regards to domestic violence....more

Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Pasta

I was looking for a yummy casserole type of dish for dinner one night and came across a recipe for buffalo chicken pasta that sounded absolutely amazing. It’s super easy, super fast and most of the items you probably already have in your pantry or fridge! It’s a perfect meal for the family or even for game-day as a side dish! And I'm so excited for how it turned out – spicy, yummy, gooey goodness. I included step-by-step instructions of how i modified it for our dinner below. enjoy!...more

Review of the Podcast "Serial"

i’ve heard rumblings of this thing called “serial” that has pretty much gone viral. i brushed it aside, not really sure what it was until it was so much in my face that i looked it up. narrated by reporter sarah koenig, “serial” is a podcast (available on your podcast app on your iphone or via the website www.serialpodcast.org for free) that takes a deep dive into a closed homicide case from january 1999....more
jainaj I can see that perspective! It's like providing hope when there is none. I did see though ...more

greener grass - conquering envy in our lives

i know someone that has had some amazing life opportunities pop up recently – that are splattered all over facebook – that have tugged at my little heart strings. she and her wife have had the opportunity to travel to thailand (and it looked like a pretty epic trip) and have recently accepted an amazing opportunity which uprooted them from chicago to inland san francisco bay. if you know anything about me – you know that the state of california is my spirit animal – even though i’m more in love with socal, any area of california feels like home to me....more

Book Review: Me Before You

ah – this book. me before you by jojo moyes was a great book to remind me of my love of reading. after torturing myself to get through that monster, the goldfinch, it was refreshing to dive into an easy read with a great story and a hint of a love story. you know – one of those books where you don’t have to think too much but you’re still completely engaged with the tale? yep. this is one of those....more

{a rant} why we need to stop mom-bullying

soooo, i came across an article this week {this article} where the mother is talking about why she bottlefeeds her baby, and along with the bottlefeeding, the judgement she has received far and wide {including via internet} on that decision. in her case, it wasn’t really a decision....more

creating a new baby memory book

as a new mom of twin girls, i knew that i wanted to document as much of their first moments of life as possible. one of the best ways to do that is to put together a memory album – which you can either hand-make or buy a pre-made version at any baby store. no matter what type you plan to use to document your baby’s “firsts,” you can still put together something that’s meaningful to you and your family. i’ve compiled a list of keepsakes to think about saving to include in your baby’s memory book!...more

the postpartum you

one thing that i’ve been struggling with postpartum, is motivation. i didn’t realize truly how tired i was going to be and because i’m tired – i have zero motivation to do much. between caring for the girls, laundering their clothes, cleaning their bottles, and prepping their formula not much time is left in the day for anything else. and if there is time left – i use it to rest because some days are so exhausting just going, going, going. caring for twin newborns is no joke. i’m super sad that i only have about 3 weeks left of maternity leave....more