Birthday pictures


{The First Year} Month TWELVE!

Well, it's happened folks! Ava is officially ONE! My baby is no longer a baby, she is officially a toddler (even though she has been "toddling" since 8 months! :P) Please go read her birthstory ---> Ava's unassisted homebirth. Her birth story certainly has the most views of anything else on my blog, thousands of them actually. So I hope you enjoy it, if you haven't read it already. <3  ...more

To catch a duck, in photos.

We went to the duck pond today. Jack loves ducks. So much in fact, that he wants a pet duck, just like his dad had when he was little. This means that whenever Jack sees a duck he tries his hardest, and I mean his absolute hardest to catch said duck. He was finally successful today.  ...more
 @Denise Thank you! I am still in awe of how he just went for it!more

Ava's rainbow

So I was thinking about ways to teach Ava her colors without actually sitting her down and teaching them to her. Letting her learn them naturally. I can't remember how I taught Jack but he knew a handful of colors by the time he was 18 months old (he also knew his shapes, could count to 10 and was beginning to identify letters, and knew right from left by the time he was two, he's a smart kid :D) Anyway, then I remembered I simply colored some papers and told him what colors they were when he asked and would ask him to tell me in return. ...more

San Antonio

I lived in San Antonio from December 2006 to October 2007. A lot happened during that time, I got married, had a baby, family troubles, etc, but I never did explore the great city I lived in. I have decided that if San Antonio is going to be where I live, I should take the time to get to know it! I spent sometime yesterday searching the internet and making a pin board on Pinterest on San Antonio. You can see it here: San Antonio, TX...more

Life post: big changes ahead

We are moving to San Antonio, Texas!...more

{the first year} 11 months!


In celebration of Ava's 1st birthday coming up, her birth story.

 I really enjoyed reading my doula's version of Ava's birth, and wanted to share it. She also took birth photos for me and I am going to share those as well....more
What an amazing story! I will definitely consider a doula if I have another. Such a courageous mama!more