An Audio Drama Review: Missionary Stories by Brinkman Adventures

I was recently invited to review an audio drama production by Brinkman Adventures; their Season 3 on CD. I was super excited to get the opportunity to do an audio production review knowing that we had a huge trip coming up and my kids really enjoy listening to stories while we are in the car....more

Moving, Moving, Moving!

Hello Dear Reader, So many things are happening as 2015 crawls towards the holiday season and the end of the year! I started attending college again at Arizona State University, my whole family moved across the country (we now reside in Indiana near Chicago, IL), and my blogging season with The Old Schoolhouse is coming to an end (we are parting amicably; the season is over, and I've got a busy 2016 ahead of me).  I've got one more announcement. ...more

Spelling Zoo: The Institute for Excellence in Writing Curriculum Review

I was recently invited to use and review a spelling curriculum, Phonetic Zoo, Spelling Level A [Starter Set] from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Today, I am going to go over how I used this program with my 3rd grader. This program is designed for grades 3-8, and Level A is the first set in the program....more

Koru Naturals: a Natural Body Product Review

I was given the opportunity to do a second review for Koru Naturals this year....more

Brookdale House: A Grammar Curriculum Review

Brookdale House offers The Grammar Workbook Set for students who are ready to learn more advanced grammar and sentence writing. Today, I am going to review this curriculum for you and tell you about our experience with using it in our home school....more

10 Things to Remember When You're Ready to Tear Out Your Hair

Every mother has those moments when she feels like tearing her hair out. Every one. Even that one mom you know who always looks put together with her expensive makeup and un-wrinkled clothes feels like ripping out her immaculately coiffed chignon and raging like the Hulk every now and then. Today I present to you: 10 Things to Remember When You're Ready to Tear Out Your Hair...more

Where Do I Belong?

Since we started talking about moving to Chicago, I've heard a lot of things about the city from everyone around me. I've heard that it's a rough city, that there is a lot of crime there, and that racial tension abounds. I really don't know what to think, but it's got me thinking: where do I belong in all of this?...more

Middlebury Interactive Languages: Spanish Curriculum Review

I was recently invited to try out a language curriculum from Middlebury Interactive Languages.  I received access to Elementary Spanish I: Grades K-2 grade, and today I am going to review the program for you....more

A Board Game Review: USAopoly

We were recently invited to test out and review a set of two board games from the company USAopoly.  The two games I will be reviewing for you today are Tapple,  a fast-paced word game, and Wonky, a card game with wonky blocks for an extra twist....more

Road Trip Planning with Children

There is an epic road trip in my future. I'm talking three days in the car, single driver, many roads unbeknownst to me, and a seemingly endless supply of miles to put behind me as I head toward a place I've never seen. When I was younger, I loved this kind of adventure. It was like the caffeine in my veins, a jolt of adrenaline that nothing else but a road trip could deliver. Apparently I'm getting old. ...more