La La Logic: A Preschool Curriculum Review

     This last month, we have been using an online preschool curriculum ( by La La Logic (; today I get to review it for you. I am pretty excited about this one, as it was a hit with my little Princess who just started school at the beginning of this year. ...more

ARTistic Pursuits: A Homeschool Curriculum Review

    I was recently invited to test out and review a great art curriculum by ARTistic Pursuits. They have an enormous selection for all different age ranges, but I settled on Early Elementary K-3: Book 2, Stories of Artists and Their Art. There’s just something exciting about reading stories of an artist....more

Sewing a Mini Bag and Overlooking my Mess

     I found the cutest bag pattern a week or so ago, and I knew I had to make it. What better way to procrastinate on my novel than by taking on a sewing project? To date, I've now made 5 of them. In April. When I'm supposed to be working hard on my novel. I also sewed a dress, made repairs on a skirt and a super hero cape, and worked on a quilt, but who's counting? ...more

First Start Reading: A Homeschool Curriculum Review

    I was recently given the opportunity to test out and review First Start Reading by Memoria Press . I got this program for my little Princess, who just turned 4 last month. In my huge package I received the following: First Start Reading: Phonics, Reading, & Printing Books A-D, and the teacher guide that covers all four workbooks....more

Marigolds, 25K Words, and Falling Into a Black Hole

     If you've been waiting for the next greatest, most amazing blog post known to man, I apologize. This probably won't be it. However, if you are just wanting to see what I've been up to and are wondering if I'm alive, well, here's your chance. ...more

Escaping NaNo for an Update

     I've escaped Camp NaNo to give you a quick update:     I am still alive, just writing non-stop. It's going really well, but the main thing flowing through my head is my novel, not my blog. Forgive me, reader, for this, but if I don't focus, I don't finish. I really want to finish.      I will have my 50,000+ words by the end off the month or I will die trying. Okay, I really hope I don't die at my keyboard, but I am trying really hard!...more

The Waiting Game: Writing and Waiting

     The last six months or so have been very interesting to say the least. I started freelance writing to make some extra cash around the holiday season (and my husband's slow season at work) and to help out where I could. I mostly thought I would buy a few toys and clothing items for my kids and then move on with my life. ...more

5 Books Under $10 to Boost Your Camp NaNoWriMo Experience

     As you may know, I am getting ready to write a novel in 30 days. I get a little queasy every time I think about writing 1,700 words every day into a coherent story over the course of the month of April. To help myself get pumped up, I have located several resources that I will draw on to help me get through and be declared a winner....more

Parenting: A Little Comic Relief

     After a long, trying day, a little comedic relief is in order. I have made several of these (pretty poorly drawn) cartoons for my kids on their white board over the course of our life together. I found a picture of one of them in my archives, and I just had to put it up on my blog here. Please forgive my lack of skill in the dry erase marker medium.   ...more

Curriculum Review: GPA LEARN

I am really excited to get to share this new review with you today! My children and I have been using an online math curriculum, GPA LEARN by the company GPALOVEMATH. We were given the opportunity to receive their yearly subscription, and we used this curriculum 4-5 days per week with both Turbo and the Toolman....more