5 Books Under $10 to Boost Your Camp NaNoWriMo Experience

     As you may know, I am getting ready to write a novel in 30 days. I get a little queasy every time I think about writing 1,700 words every day into a coherent story over the course of the month of April. To help myself get pumped up, I have located several resources that I will draw on to help me get through and be declared a winner....more

Parenting: A Little Comic Relief

     After a long, trying day, a little comedic relief is in order. I have made several of these (pretty poorly drawn) cartoons for my kids on their white board over the course of our life together. I found a picture of one of them in my archives, and I just had to put it up on my blog here. Please forgive my lack of skill in the dry erase marker medium.   ...more

Curriculum Review: GPA LEARN

I am really excited to get to share this new review with you today! My children and I have been using an online math curriculum, GPA LEARN by the company GPALOVEMATH. We were given the opportunity to receive their yearly subscription, and we used this curriculum 4-5 days per week with both Turbo and the Toolman....more

What Every Online Shopper Needs to Know About Reviews

     I am an avid online shopper. If I could get everything reliably delivered to my front door for a reasonable price, I would. There's just something that is so...easy...about picking things out on my computer and then just waiting for them to show up. Before I became a freelance writer, I relied heavily upon reviews to guide my purchases. In fact, I relished the research phase. Now, I do things differently....more
I'm not a regular online shopper, but I have purchased from Amazon quite a bit. I had no idea ...more

Gearing Up for Camp NaNoWriMo

     In a few short weeks, I will be starting Camp NaNoWriMo. I just recently heard of it, and I am really excited to join this year. It is a virtual camp where lots of writers convene to focus one one thing: their writing. You set a word count goal and try to meet it by the end of the month. Basically, over the month of April, I am committing to writing every day toward one thing: my novel....more

Visual Learning Systems: A Science Curriculum Review

    I was recently given the opportunity to test out and review Visual Learning Systems’ program: Digital Science Online Elementary Edition (Grades K-5) and the Secondary Edition (Grades 6-12)<...more

Review: Egglo Entertainment Easter Curriculum

    I was recently invited to review an Easter curriculum made by Egglo Entertainment. My kids, some friends, and I tested it out, and now I get to give you all the fun details so you can decide if it’s something your family might enjoy....more

What is Flash Fiction? Plus, The Graceful Crow

     Have you ever heard of flash fiction? I'd never heard of it until a few months ago, and I was so intrigued that I have been working hard to make it a part of my skill set. Flash fiction is very short fiction. Flash is the Twitter of the writing world. The novel is the guy you feel like you know on some intimate, deep level that you can't even explain in words; flash is the guy you had one beer with in a bar who was totally made your night but you walk away wondering who he really is inside....more
I have learned something new! No I have never heard of flash fiction, thanks for sharing and ...more

Koru Naturals - Body Products Review

    I was recently sent three amazing products from Koru Naturals to test out and review on my blog. I used their Emu Oil , plus their Manuka Oil and Honey Shampoo and Conditioner for a month. I used them on my skin and my kids’ skin, and now I get to share all the nitty gritty about them with you....more

What I Learned From my First 6 Months of Freelance Writing

     I've been writing since I was a kid. Poems, stories, essays, you name it. In the last six months, I have finally gotten serious about it and started pursuing actual writing jobs and pay for my work. Here's what the last six months have taught me:...more
I haven't gotten into freelance writing yet, but I've been heavily considering it to make a few ...more