Facebook? The MOVIE? Like?

What next, I hear you ask: Twitter movie? Short script on that one, I reckon. The Facebook Movie is happening, and the creators are doing their best to give it an actual hook and plot. Would you see a movie based on Facebook history, which is all of five years old? ...more

i hear the book is actually quite interesting and pretty much everything Scott Rudin produces is ...more

Yarr! Pirate Party Pwns; Plucks Parliament Post

It seems that every day is Talk Like a Pirate Day in Sweden. On Monday, Sweden's Pirate Party (Piratpartiet, if you are Swedish) surprised many by taking a seat in the European Parliament. ...more

It’s a Good Time for My Cool Glove: Literal Video

Remember when videos were “arty,” and were basically people standing around singing? Yes, I’m talking about the ‘80s, instead of now when videos are like tiny action movies with five costume changes and special effects. The most special the effects got back in the day was Michael Jackson’s Thriller contacts. Well, friends, someone has come along to breathe new life into those old videos and you may have seen them: Literal Videos. But do you know the clever artist behind the genius dubs? ...more

This one really cracked me up. The Total Eclipse of the Heart remake is better than the ...more

Move Over Sparkly Vampires, Here Comes Red Shirt! The Fragrance!

Okay, okay, so I am a Trekker, I confess. To a lesser degree I am a Trekkie, but I can appreciate me some Shatner like whoa. So I am excited about the new Star Trek movie. What I have mixed feelings about is the cavalcade of merch that will be beaming down upon us shortly...including Star Trek: the Fragrance. ...more

Hey guys. Please notice me if you have some reviews about Perfume Fragrances Product. Thank ...more

Bad Habit Theatre: Your Kids Watching Your Bad Habits

Some of my friends and other people I admire have waited many years to have children. They plan, save, dream, and possibly even marry first. In my twenties I was a little more "fly by the seat of your pants," as they say. "HEY COOL," was my first thought on seeing the stick turn pink at 21. "She is going to be SO IMPRESSED when I do kegstands." Oh wait, no she won't. She is my child, and I have to teach her to eat carrots and stuff. Crap. ...more

So far I've continued to pick my nose and now my kid picks my nose for me. ...more

Return of 3D Movies: Cool or Just a Moneymaking Gimmick During Hard Times?

My daughters had a short school break last month so I took them to see Coraline in 3D, and we really enjoyed it. I will commit nerd blasphemy (nerdphemy?) and admit that I am not the biggest fan of Neil Gaiman's novels, so I had not read Coraline. The look and feel of Coraline's world and Mr. ...more

Actually this 3d revival started a few years back when Polar Express was released in Imax and a ...more

Everyone is Jealous of This Bulletproof Weave

So you've heard about the bullet-proof bras for women police officers. A bullet was also stopped by one of those giant purses college-aged women are so fond of that could double as summer homes. Well, mark your calendar because the apocalypse is surely coming: A woman's weave stopped a bullet, saving her life. ...more

The story was the icing on the cake!


Nothing to wear? ...more

Blogging Your Best and Worst Valentine's Day Experiences

It's coming around again: everyone's favorite failsauce greeting card holiday: VD Day! Wait, one too many D's. Here at Blogher we decided it would be fun to take a look at the best and the worst the holiday has to offer. Desperately in love, or just desperate? As usual, bloggers reveal all. ...more

VD has usually been a let down for me in some way or another.  Either forced displays of ...more

Blogging The United States of Tara and DID

Are you watching the new television series The United States of Tara? The series is created by Diablo Cody (Juno) and is about a woman who lives with dissociative identity disorder (formerly multiple personality disorder) and her family's experiences with it. After seeing the first four episodes, I wondered what the blogosphere's reaction to the series would be from those who live with DID and those who do not. ...more

I started watching the show, not really thinking I would like it.  The advertising posters ...more

Dear Used, Mushed, Slightly Battered, But Still Beating Heart

Sorry about all those cheeseburgers I ate last week. I dunno, maybe I was low on iron. And cheese. Sorry for all that smoking I did in high school, too, although that was kind of fun. Remember how cool we looked? No? Me neither. Well, you know I make small talk like this when I get nervous. I am nervous, too, because I don’t talk to you very often, but here goes. Mostly I’m sorry that I doubted you last summer. I thought you had gotten thoroughly defective and that something was wrong with you, and therefore wrong with us. ...more

This may sound a bit wacked to you, but I think that when we come down here (to Earth) we ...more