To new adventures

Sometimes in life you get a chance to venture off the path you are currently hiking, and see some of the scenery. Sometimes you climb the mountain, sometimes you walk the river, sometimes you coast the waves, and sometimes you grab your tube to ride! It is easy in life to stay on the safe path, but it doesn't always bring you the happiness you so desire. ...more

My two year old has more sense than most!

Taking a break from the diary of deep thoughts for a minute, and want to focus on something I find a lil offending. Where have peoples manners, and common sense gone. It seems here in the blogging community we have a lot of that. But in the public, either these people don't blog, either way, have you noticed how manners, and common sense seem to leave the building when people are out and about in town? Really....Who drive's 45 mph in a crammed parking lot, who runs red lights, and passes when they shouldn't? who tail gates at excesive speeds on icy roads? ...more

Surving Pregnancy

Once I overcame the initial shock of being pregnant I was okay with it. In fact I was excited to be neat and surreal to have something growing inside you. What I was not excited about was child birth, because it has to come out you know! I like to think I am a Positive Person, so I looked at the bright side of the would only last one day if I was lucky. :) ...more

Pregnant? How did that happen?

After two years of being told there was a 20% chance of concieving let alone carring a baby, after  two years of tests and opperations, after two years of tears, I was okay with not having my own child. After only being married for three weeks we were pregnanat. I found out at my second opinion appointment. I drove two hours back home trying to figure out how this happened, what it ment, and what it would mean. I called mt. man immediatly to tell him, he nearly hit the roof with joy. ...more

The Engagmant....Nine Long Months

The Church and Hall where booked...We were officially Engaged! See, there was no engagment ring. After renting for 3 years we decided we wanted a house of our in exchange for the engagment ring I have my home, my retirement spot, and my sancutary. Although the nine months leading up to the wedding and closing of the house seemed to take forever. ...more

Trying to get the jist of it all

Today I made a connection with a co-worker. She is roughly around my antiqueness, and high energy like myself. I have always enjoyed talking to her too, it's just today was a lil out of the ordinary. We take the same lil 'happy' pill, or used to anyway. We connected over the side effects and withdrawl. In the end we were talking about why we were on them. In a twisted way it was nice. Nice to see someone in my area with the same intellect as I, and make a nice connection. In a whole we decided that the world was messed up, there is a generation that is forgotten 27to35. ...more

Evil Daycare Lady

So, I am completly new to this whole blogging thing. Saw that a few of my fave reads had links here, and thought I would check it out. Now I am a member,see how they get you and just had to make a post. So here you go, but bewarned....and if by chance you like it, check out my main site link. Anyway, moving on to my story..... The Evil Daycare Lady ...more