When Taking Is Giving

"What can I give you for your birthday?""Oh, nothing, please! I already have everything I need."...more

I Owe My Success to My Friends

This week, I learned that one of the reasons I am successful is that I have been lucky enough to have good friends. Specifically, good women friends. This past Monday I attended TEDx Columbia SC, an independent local TED event. One of the speakers was Dr. Linda Salane, director of the Leadership Institute at Columbia College. She talked about what's keeping women from being successful in business. ...more

What we crave: Meaning, Belonging & Self-Expression

We've been hearing about irony's imminent death since 2001, although so far it hasn't happened. But after listening to The Takeaway's recent show titled "The End of Irony?" I think popular culture is finally due for a resurgence in sincerity....more