A Case Of The Undiagnosed

Red ribbons, pink ribbons, purple butterflies, silver ribbons, AIDS walks, LUPUS Awareness Day, Breast Cancer marathons… Everyone has a cause these days. Ever since I tested positive for Lupus, I had to wait an agonizing month to find out a diagnosis. Did I have it or didn’t I? I researched Lupus like crazy all while suffering from a “flare” My right hand and eye was swollen, I felt aches and pains really bad, I was so tired I couldn’t lift the trunk of my car up…let alone open doors for myself. I had to go home tired and confused. ...more

You Don't Have Time To Be Sick

You pull the covers from over your head in the morning and it hits you like stale coffee breath. You’re sick. When did this happen? Sure last night you had a little sniffle and an itch in the back of your throat but it was nothing that concerned you. As you throw on an extra blanket to fight the chills you look over at the bedroom clock….you have just enough time to let your boss know that you won’t be in today. I mean, there is no way. How can you possibly be expected to leave the house in this condition? ...more

The Big Myth of Chronic Illness

Being sick sure is the life, I’m telling you.How can a girl have gotten so lucky?!?!??!?!?!?! Screw the lottery, getting a chronic and incurable condition is so much better than that....more
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