Want to Get Hitched in 2012 (To a House or Partner) ?

It's time to multitask.If you're a single gal looking for that right person through online dating and you just happened to also be house hunting, you will notice some striking parallels in the two activities: Beyond the rent vs buy decision, they are the same....more

Why Are So Many Hair Stylists Gay?

Because grooming makes you happy! At least according to Robert Sapolsky, a professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford, who extensively researched stress in baboons. Au contrere, being groomed doesn't make you quite as happy as delivering the grooming. That's just one of the tidbits I picked up today at a San Francisco conference titled Happiness & Its Causes. ...more

Parents voted Democratic for first time?

I'm at a vibrant jazz club Rassala's in San Francisco and everyone I talk to - causasian or African-American - tells how their mom or dad, lifelong Republicans, voted for Obama. Mine as well. And I'd love to see how Obama inspired so many in their 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s to switch parties and vote Democratic to get a smart, fresh president in office. ...more

10 Things This Woman Knows About Esquire

For years now I've subscribed to Esquire Magazine, right alongside Oprah. Over the years I've also enjoyed Men's Journal and the male-oriented Outdoor magazine. Friends often ask why I like Esquire so much. This last issue inspired me to go public, and to see who else may share my love of that magazine.  ...more

But I do enjoy Men's Health Magazine.  For many of the same ...more

A 1999 Essay on Online Dating - Back to the Future!

I hope you find this fun to read, from the early days of online dating: It all started as I drove in Palo Alto one evening, trawling for rental signs. I slammed on the brakes at a hidden stop sign. My right arm flew out in that motion that stops a child from being thrown forward (or in the case of George Costanza's mother, being grabbed). Only I realized it was my purse I was saving from the windshield. It also struck me as quite symbolic. Here I was again, single after a six year relationship, working hard to make a chunk of money, milking the Silicon Valley cow. ...more

Perseid Meteor Showers on August 12 !

In 2008 the Perseid meteor showers will peak on August 12th, with sightings in the few days before and after. I posted full info on the SuperViva blog. After sleeping through them on all other years or missing them even when I tried sitting on a dark hill in the Santa Cruz mountains, I'm determined to see them this year!  Where will you be viewing? ...more

Randy Pausch Has Passed On (Lessons for Life)

Randy Pausch is dead. Long live Randy Pausch! And long will he live after spending the last few month his life helping millions think about what they want out of life...and giving them the courage to pursue it. ...more

Carpool and Rideshares: My New Social Circle

Today for the second time in my life I picked up two strangers and drove them across the San Francisco Bay Bridge. We met under a freeway overpass in Oakland, and, as the two guys got in my car I hoped they had no motive other than getting to work. My motive was to save $4 and whiz through the carpool lane across the bridge. By the time we arrived in San Francisco, we all had developed a huge coffee jones after I spent the last 15 minutes heralding the virtues of Blue Bottle Coffee. First I dropped one guy off. Then I parked and bid adieu to the other. ...more

A random blogger

Hi everyone, I am finally jumping into the fold here at Blogher and glad to here! I mainly run a website called superviva.com which I am hoping will be worthy of note in the blogosphere come New Years. :) ...more

Well you've made a smashing start dearie. Probably see you later once the working week gets ...more