When Honesty is NOT the Best Policy

I’m the type of mom that lays awake at night with terrible thoughts running through my head. Worries about my kids, mostly – scenes of them falling down stairs, running in front of cars.I know – too much coffee, I’m sure.I’m also not the biggest fan of doctors. I found a group practice of four pediatricians when my first daughter was born, and over time I whittled down my list of doctors I like at the practice to ONE.Then in November of last year that doctor decided to retire. And I actually cried, right there in the exam room, when she told me....more
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I'd Like To Turn In My Cape, Please

I am not Super Mom. I tried to be, believe me. It seems like these days when you leave the hospital with your new little bundle of joy, you also get a cape packed in with the coupons for diapers and formula. ...more
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13 Reasons Why I Want To Lose Weight

So the lovely Kat at "Secrets...to losing..." posted her top 13 reasons why she wants to lose weight and get healthy. The idea is that the list should be in places where you can read it often, several times a day, to instill your motivation for losing weight into your brain. I realized that while I've certainly talked about my reasons, I've never put them in an official list. And I am the Queen of Lists, just ask my hubby! ...more