Admit It: You Have a Favorite Child

My 7-year-old read the cover of our copy of Time magazine to me: "Why Mom Liked You Best*. The Science of Favoritism (*of course she would never admit it)."The cover features three blonde young children, a boy and two girls. Just like our family. Favorite girl has a big piece of cake with an even bigger smile on her face, while non-favored younger children have small pieces and rather grumpy faces....more
I only have one child.  Problem solved.  :-Dmore

Florida's Pill Mills Finally Being Shut Down

I wrote an EmpowHER article about Florida's so-called pill mills several months ago. At least one thousand pain-management clinics are offering pain medication or antidepressants to anyone who can provide the cash on the spot. In many cases, a prescription is not required. Some "patients" receive a brief check-up, others simply hand over money for large amounts of narcotics, from Vicodin to Oxycontin. ...more

America Seeing a Small Decrease in Smoking

 Some good news coming from the Centers for Disease Control is that smoking among American adults is decreasing.  While almost one in five adults smoke, the amount of cigarettes smoked per day is lessening. If people are not ready to quit, they are certainly making an effort to cut down. Between 2005-2010, about three million adults have quit....more

The London Riots: Fighting for Change ... or Fun and Profit?

The recent London riots started small. A black man carrying an illegal firearm in his car was shot by police. Cab driver Mark Duggan was carrying the gun and died as a result of a gunshot fired by a London officer. Citing racism, a fight broke out and spread through many parts of the city and other parts of England. ...more

Get Real, America: What’s the Big Deal About a Breastfeeding Doll?

I admit, I’m confounded about the “controversy” regarding a European doll that is about to enter the American market.  To me, it’s about as controversial as buying your daughter a bike. We've talked a little about the controversy on Empower and I just don’t get it.The very nature of having a doll is to nurture. While we may throw other toys around like balls and Frisbees, or use movement and competition with trains, cars or board games, dolls are specifically designed for feeding, dressing, putting to sleep and make-believe care-giving....more

Gym and a Health Club: What's the Difference & Which One is Right for You?

Gyms and health clubs are great places to work out and even socialize. The key to choosing the right one depends on what you want from a club, and how committed you are to going. Gym or health club memberships tend to spike in the new year when we resolutely decide that this time we’ll join and stick with it....more

Bleachorexia: Taking the Hollywood Smile Too Far

In the past three years, I’ve had six overcrowded teeth removed, two necessary crowns, and a set of old-fashioned “train-track” braces that were in place for two years. As delighted as I was when the whole ordeal ended, my last (and elective) thing to do was professional teeth whitening; getting molds made of my teeth and adding the bleach when I was ready. They turned out very well, getting rid of any signs of the staining braces can make. I used half of the bleach given and a year later, did it again. My teeth look good; natural, straight and white, but not Hollywood....more

Kids Beating the Heat in the Cool Garage? 5 Things You Need to Know

Plenty of us in America are having a ragingly hot summer. Many cities and states are seeing temperatures soar into the 90s and 100s, and there doesn’t seem to be much relief. Many kids are forced to stay inside with air conditioning -- if they are lucky enough to have it....more

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Many people have heard of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which causes babies to die for no apparent reason. The babies are usually under one year old, and many parents fear SIDS when they take their babies home from the hospital. While SIDS cannot be entirely prevented, there are ways to drastically reduce the odds, such as lying babies on their backs, not allowing anything in the cribs, keeping the bedroom at a cooler temperature, maintaining a smoke-free home and even breastfeeding. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is like SIDS because there is no apparent reason for it....more

More Women Choosing Home Births

Many of our parents and grandparents were born at home with the use of midwives and what we now call doulas, who provide emotional support to pregnant women and can assist with some physical/homeopathic needs and education regarding pregnancy and the birth process.  Doulas back then were not certified or professionally trained – rather they used their years of experience to assist others....more