Drink This Wine - Six Minute Style Suggests

I've been raving about Seghesio's Sonoma Zinfandel. It's a big, bold wine with hints of black pepper, smokey hues and lush fruit. I fell in love with it years ago when waiting tables in Santa Fe, New Mexico and just recently began drinking it again. I've recommended it to numerous friends and brought a bottle or two to various dinner parties. Tonight, a girlfriend noted that she won over her parents with a bottle this past weekend. It's now, she says, "their official favorite wine."  ...more

Short Fiction Goliath

Just learned that my favorite short story writer has a new collection set to hit book stands on March 24. It's rare that I'm this excited about a book. More often, I'm eagerly awaiting the debut of a film. ...more

No, I haven't heard of Mary Gaitskill, but I do love a good read. Thanks for the tip.more

Throw a Bash. Save a Buck. Signature Cocktails Made Easy.

Admit it. A good party is often made better by great food and drink (not to mention the right mix of people). So, does that mean you have to break the bank and stock a full bar to wow your guests? Nope. Simply serve a killer Signature Cocktail along with a variety of beer and wine and your guests will be thrilled. ...more

"Skiing" Through Airport Security

What’s the biggest hold-up when trying to get through airport security? Is it other travelers or the Transportation Security Administration’s keep-us-safe procedures? I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately and would have to say it’s often other travelers slowing me down. Which is why I'm intrigued by a new TSA program that could seperate travelers by speed and expertise. Not that some travelers are intentionally slow. Maybe they packed more than three ounces of shampoo in their carry-on. Or, their computer is buried under stacks of notes, papers and cords making it nearly impossible to dig out. Perhaps it was super-cold when they left their house at oh-dark-thirty in the morning. That would explain the coat, sweater, scarf and heavy boots they're now trying to lose. Jeez. ...more

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Hi, ...more