Election Notebook: Hillary at the Apollo, Trump’s abortion remarks and Maddow rocks the house

Since last Fall, I have become increasingly active on Facebook about the 2016 election. First, speaking out about Donald Trump, and my horror that anyone could consider him a suitable candidate for president. Sadly, we have more than enough proof that he may be a viable one ....more

2014 in Review: Some of my favorite sponsored content programs (part 1)

Disclosure: I am Senior Vice President, Integrated...more

Childhood Hunger in America: What you can do to help

Did you know 1 in 5 children in the United States don’t get enough to eat? That’s 18,000 school busses full of kids. Or if, in this season of gridiron rivalries, football metaphors do it for you, 223 football stadiums full of fans ....more

FTC Update: Operation Full Disclosure; Disclosing a compensated trip

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Last Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission issued a press release about its Operation “Full Disclosure.” The most important thing for bloggers to know about Operation “Full Disclosure” is that it has NOTHING to do with sponsored posts on blogs. ...more

CItyscapes Philadelphia – What To Do, Science & History Geek Edition

One full day of our Philadelphia weekend, our second full day of sightseeing, was the Science day. We spent most of the day at The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia’s most excellent...more

Cityscapes Philadelphia – What To Do, Art Museum Edition

We barely scratched the surface of things to do and see in Philadelphia, and are already planning a trip back. We invested in the three-day Philadelphia Pass ...more

Cityscapes Philadelphia – Where to Eat

Instead of a...more

Cityscapes: San Jose

I had a little down time after BlogHer last month so I checked out the San Jose Museum of Art....more

Cityscapes: New York

I write about our trips around New York City...more

Cityscapes: Chicago

Last summer, Doug came with me to BlogHer and we spent a few days afterward seeing the sights of Chicago. I had the best intentions to write a recap of the trip way back then but life intervened. This year I am determined to keep the Roadtrip rolling with reports from our stay- and va- cation trips ....more