Worrywart Calm in the Face of a Missing Laptop

 Recently I came home from a book fair, bronzed from a glorious day in the spring sunshine.what a worrywart looks like...more

How Do I Sign My Book? Oy!

In 2012, a billboard along the Florida Turnpike near Boca trumpeted, "Barack Obama-Oy Vey."  ...more

10 Tips for Getting Rid of Telemarketers: Confessions of a Telemarketer

I was a telemarketer. In 1976—when I became a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch—I had never heard the word telemarketing; we called it cold calling.It did not take long to learn that dialing 50 strangers a day would generate enough business to land me among the top two or three producers in my 46-man, 4-woman office....more

Two Shrinks: Psychiatrist and Cognitive Therapist

 He is a psychiatrist.She is a cognitive therapist.He was always on time.She is sometimes late....more

Getting Things Done

After the sun slides behind the ash trees in my backyard and I’ve satisfied my hunger, my heart begins to thump with anticipation. It’s finally the time I have set aside for GETTING THINGS DONE....more

Susan’s Ashes

Have I been spending too much time while I’m alive worrying about what will become of my body after I die? I would like my daughters to chime in on this, but they avoid the topic of my ashes as though it were pink slime....more

Connecting With Friends

 Recently, while sipping breakfast coffee, I commented on a New York Times article about, among other things, connecting with friends,“The Flight From Conversation” by MIT professor Sherry Tunkle. Her first paragraph goes like this:...more
I really am not a phone person but I do connect with friends on a daily basis. It might be a ...more

"Bandstand": Memories of a Teenage Crush

Dick Clark and American Bandstand played a big role in my early years. After the Ricky Nelson crush, I lost my heart to another teen idol.  Living in Philadelphia had the advantage that it was the home of American Bandstand, the TV show on which  adolescents who jitterbugged became as famous as movie stars. ...more
Jimmy Peatross was a good friend. He had a great sense of humor and may have been just about the ...more

Stay-at-Home Mom Kerfuffle

With the kerfuffle about Ann Romney having been a stay-at-home mom, I thought I would chime in about stay-at-home moms.There is no question that it is a luxury to have even had the choice. When my first daughter was born, I was a stockbroker for Morgan Stanley, making more money than my lawyer husband. I began working at home for a few months, keeping my options open, even as I felt in my gut that I just wanted to stay home with my baby....more


During the first half of my fifties, I visited my parents in Florida a few times a year for a few days at a time.  Then a friend, whose parents had died when she was in her early twenties, convinced me I should visit my folks every month. So I flew  from D.C. to Florida and stayed with my mom and dad one night each month....more