My Gathering of Women

I have a photo of Eleanor Roosevelt on my home office wall that my sister gave me. Eleanor peers down at me through her glasses and inside the frame I’ve attached the Eleanor quote: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”I am surrounded by women. I have postcard images of Toni Morrison, Amelia Earhart and Katharine Hepburn being Rosie in The African Queen. I have a Frieda Kahlo light switch. A souvenir Hillary for President bumper sticker....more

Boomers as Burdens

Boomer bashing, always a fun activity for some, could become an extreme sport this year now that the generation has officially hit Medicare age. Instead of just going after boomers as self important bores the trend is to paint boomers as burdens. ...more
You have put it so well. Every generation faces the same criticism though. Until we change the ...more

Thoughts on My Newly Retired Social Security Blanket

I see that we won’t get a cost of living raise from Social Security for the second year in a row. I say “we” because I started taking Social Security when I retired from my newspaper job at age 64. It was a good time to take an early out. Downsizing had begun. I opted to not wait until 66 to get the full Social Security amount because, frankly, I wanted in the system. I didn’t want to wait and have the government say, "Oops, too late. You’re out. Rule change.” ...more

Eileen I just need to ask if you paid 40,000.00 to your local car dealer for a new car would you ...more

Who You Calling An Elder Blogger?

I was at the BlogHer conference in New York when one of the panelists commented that “even” her own mother blogs. She called her mother “one of those elder bloggers.” Meaning, she said, “anyone over 50 who blogs.” I pried my gnarled fingers off my Underwood, slammed down my Ensure and quaked, “Say, what, girlie?” That’s a joke. I would never say anything so ageist, but I did gulp and turned to my daughter to ask, “Might she be talking about moi?” ...more

My years of computer savvy ,totals 30, and of those years: blogging, or stating comments for ...more