It's officially time to call it a day over here. Due to everything that has gone down over the past couple years and the forward progress I have made I think it is time to move on. Look forward. Don't look back. I have a couple of other blogs that I keep and I am still active on Twitter and other social media areas and if you would like to keep in touch please follow me over there. ...more

Pros and Cons

On September 9th 2012, it will have been a year since this happened and everything changed.  --- The Cons 1. Everything isn't going to be OK. 2. Look around. See those great friends you have? Believe it or not you'll going to lose a lot of them and those people you were convinced would help you will mysteriously disappear from your life. 3. Everyone is going to give you advice, and most of ...more

When TV is Exhausting

I started watching Breaking Bad a few weeks go and it's the most stressful show I've watched in a long time. I can only imagine what it would be like to watch it live and then have to wait a whole week to see what happens next but luckily for me I started four or five seasons behind so I am catching up  I really enjoy it but it really is a hard slog. I don't have cable TV ...more

RSVP Declined

Foreshadowing from Blogher11's Aiming Low party.  I am sort of avoiding Twitter at the moment and I am debating putting up something I rarely do - a filter for #Blogher12. Why you may ask? Because I'm sad I'm not going. Last year's Blogher was an incredible experience. I was able to meet so many women I had admired from afar, I learnt so much from the sessions and I made a lot of new ...more

Give a Kid a Camera Phone

This is what they shoot.  To be fair, I held it for the last few shots but this was what she asked for.  Fun times. ...more

Root, Root, Root

Courtesy of Wikipedia: "Verb - root (third-person singular simple present roots, present participle rooting, simple past and past participle rooted) To rummage, to search as if by digging in soil, to root out. (US) To cheer to show support for a sports team, etc.  (Australian, New Zealand, vulgar, slang) To have sexual intercourse." When I moved away from Australia and met Americans and ...more

Give a Kid $5

Every other Sunday my kids and I go the Swap Meet. It's pretty basic, scorching hot right now, but I think it's fun and edjamacational. Why? Because I give them $5 and watch them agonize on how they are going to spend it. My kids crack me up. They seem to want to spend their $5 on expensive things at the start. Today Troy wanted to buy a real slot machine, then a skateboard, then some Angry ...more

Half the Tooth Fairy

There are lots of things that aren't fun about divorce, but apart from the occasional anger, the daily stress and when the "when hell is my day in court coming" agitation, the most painful thing for me has been  losing daily contact with my children. Over the course of the past year, my ex husband and I have been trying our best to maintain a positive relationship with each other, which is ...more

My Words Aren't Needed

less than three

My life is full of love hearts right now which is why I haven't been blogging as much. Writing for me is often a thing that I find myself doing more frequently when I am feeling lonely or sad or depressed or bored which absolutely is not the case at the moment. I didn't think I'd be in this situation and be so lucky in finding someone so absolutely perfect for me. I can't believe it. I 've ...more