Heart of Gold

I travel around to people's homes to help families with children who have special needs. I was sent to a little town and found the address. It was a  tiny little house with several families living there. Living in southern Arizona is not easy especially in the summer. Some days are 115 degrees for months with no sign of rain and wind blowing, dust and tumble weeds.They did not even have a fan but they did have a water cooler in the window that you had to go outside to fill it with water every hour or so....more

Can people really speak to the spirits in the next world?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to visit with all the spirits that have passed to the other side. I would have so many questions for them . When I read about about life after death it is usually reported that some of your family and friends are waiting for us when we first go to the next world. I have  also learned that some spirits stay here with us for awhile until they feel it is time to move on to the next world....more
 @JoyfulNoise I agree with you it is all what God wants us to know . I think if you really pay ...more


One beautiful spring day I heard a knock on the door. Three little boys were holding a teeny tiny nest with a baby hummingbird. She was looking up with her mouth open ready to eat. The little boys said ,could you please take care of this baby bird.?They said they found the nest on the ground after the big wind storm we had last night. I looked at this little miracle from God wondering if I would be able to save this little innocent sweet baby bird. I called the vet and he told me what kind of liquid to give her that had protein in it....more

We always get what we need

In all of the religious books I have studied it always says you always get what you need. It might be phrased differenty but one way or another it says this. I never really understood what it meant exactly or gave  it much thought until one night at a local truck stop....more
 @JoyfulNoise Thanks Donna so glad you enjoyed it. This is one time I will never forget she made ...more

Remembering Grama Gladys

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about my Grama Gladys. She was such a awesome woman and a unforgetable example for me. She was ninety one when she passed away....more
My Dads Mom was a big  hugger and while it was  a little foreign to us, it was very special.  ...more

Trying to understand Karma

I am finally believing in Karma after so many years of not quite understanding how Karma works. I read as much as I can about the subject. I talk to everyone I can to have a chance to understand how it works. Does it happen in this lifetime or maybe the next world to come? ...more
Absolutely the hardest thing is life is when we aren't allowed to do what is right for one ...more

Guardian Angels

 I was never really convinced that I had a guardian angel . I loved the idea of having one and hoped it was true .I alwasys  wondered if it could be possible to have angels watching over us helping and guiding us through our complicated lives....more
Yes ... these are some of the truest experiences we can have. And being "only children" when ...more

How close are we to the spirits in the next world

Working with children for so many years I have seen kids gazing behind me and smiling with such beautiful expressions. When I look back expecting to see someone there appears to be no one there.When I look back at the childs face I realize they are seeing something or someone that I cannot see.Sometimes I see them laughing and  really enjoying this interaction. One time I was outside with a little girl about three years old. When it was time to go inside I said let's go in now. She looked at me really worried and said "but what about the big man?...more
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Law of attraction

I really want to be able to explain what I have learned about the Law of Attraction. I have been learning about the Law or Attraction for only a few weeks. It has made such a difference in my life already. It is amazing when you are ready for something it really hits you and you know it is what you need at that time. Today I was trying to explain the essence of what it means to me and found it difficult to put into words so I decided to write it down and it might be easier to understand....more
 @Isabel_Anders Thanks so much I will love that book.more