2015 NYC Marathon Race Report

The 2015 NYC Marathon has come to end. ...more

2015 NYC Marathon Goals

I just wanted to start by saying thank you for your comment on my post from Tuesday. ...more

2015 Runner’s World Half – Race Report

Since it’s race week, it’s probably best to talk about my last race before I have another one to talk about, right? ...more

They say it’s marathon week…

So they say it’s marathon week. ...more

2015 Runner’s World Half Festival – Five for Friday

I hope you’ve been enjoying my recaps from the Runner’s World Half and Festival from last weekend! ...more

2015 Runner’s World Festival Race Reports – Trail Race, 5K, 10K

As you can tell by yesterday’s post, the Runner’s World Half and Festival was an amazing experience that I feel lucky to have been a part of – and that didn’t even include any of the races! ...more

2015 Runner’s World Half Festival Weekend – the highlights

Hello and welcome to Wednesday! ...more

More Calf Pain —> Spin Class

Last time we chatted, I was having some calf pain that led me to taking a few days off....more

Gator Game and Some Calf Pain

Greetings from the friendly skies somewhere over the east coast!...more

A Variety of Runs Lately

Sometimes you just don’t feel the urge to blog....more