Why it's important to write at different sites

There are millions of us that have a blog or a website, but it doesn't and shouldn't stop us from writing at other places too.  If you haven't done so, think of perhaps expanding your writing skills at other sites.I have The Authentic Life Bloghttp://jennyjofaypaperdolls.blogspot.com/2012/08/who-hell-are-you.htmlnewest post there.Also today, I have written another post:  The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Eleven...more

The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Ten by Jennifer Jo Fay (fiction in progress)

new post at The Authentic Life BlogThe Glorious Money Tree Chapter Ten by Jennifer Jo Fay  (fiction) http://jennyjofaypaperdolls.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-glorious-money-tree...     Flavia the fairy's home In this chapter follow Sally Driscoll as she wishes her money tree would grow.  Then she witnesses something. ...more

The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Nine by Jennifer Jo Fay

  Chapter Nine:  Who knows what can happen before women get together for coffee, tea and a good game of Scrabble? New Post on The Authentic Life BlogThe Glorious Money Tree Chapter Nine by Jennifer Jo Fayhttp://jennyjofaypaperdolls.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-glorious-money-tree-chapter-nine-by.html...more

Yay, it's Saturday once again!!!

 Another week ready to put into yesterday's news.  It's Saturday and we love it.I'm almost ready to fork over my laptop to my daughter so she can play her online games and I will be ready to head out the door to do a little yard saling.Did I do everything I wanted to do this week?  Probably not, but I did whittle away at my bucket list.  Things got done....more

A new Season and an Open Door

A new season is coming and as soon as August began we could all see it coming.  Fall time is wonderful.  I love the cooler air that it brings.  Leaves beginning to color in the trees and decorate the ground.  It's like a menargerie of brightness and pristine shapes....more

A Week Without Kids!!!

I'm having a week without kids.  My ex has taken them camping for the whole week and when they come back next Saturday, I'm going to be camping with my boyfriend for the weekend, so I won't be seeing them until Monday....more

Nablopomo is almost into August

Here we are well into another month of Nablopomo.  I signed up again.  I'm not sure how effective it is though as I don't really see anyone coming from here to know for sure if it works or not.But I have been writing pretty regularly.  Well, except when my daughter wants to confiscate my laptop for a few hours during the week to play her Free Realms and Feroheart games.  For some reason it doesn't work on her old computer....more

Reflecting on our special moments

Sometimes we just need to reflect on our lives before we decide to dive in and write.The last few days have kind of been a quiet time for me to reflect.  My mother's anniversary of her death was today.  I guess I just needed some naps and time to relax and think about her.  It's been eleven years....more

You can Write a Novel If You Try Hard Enough

You're a blogger, right?  You come up with one to three posts a day?  Your fingers are never idle and they're always clicking your keyboard? And now here's the thought.  Do you think you have it in you to write a novel?  If you can produce three lengthy posts a day on your blog, chances are, you would be able to do that to a novel. ...more

A part of Blogging is Being a Social Butterfly!!

A number one fatal mistake that a blogger to make is being cooped up by yourself an decide to not learn to be a social butterfly blogger.You must learn this task in order to persue your blogging goals.  It is very important in the success of your blog.It depends on it.  If you don't care to see your traffic grow in numbers, then by all means just create a personal blog for you.  Maybe you should just make it a private blog if you're not going to do a thing to see it to success....more