The Pilgrims Wore Black and Other Tall Tales

I was taught that the Pilgrims were the first American colonists who arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620. Pfft! The first colonists arrived in America waaaay before that. Be prepared. This is not the warm and fuzzy story we learned in school. ...more

The Christmas Wish

As Carol scrawled her signature inside the Thomas Kincade Christmas card, a chill sent a shiver like the touch of a cold fingertip along her spine. She buttoned her red cardigan and folded the greeting card. While studying the picture of the artist’s painting, Carol smiled at the warm glow emanating like amber from the windows of the cottage nestled in the snow. She imagined the home filled with friends and family....more

A Christmas Tail

Our Bichon Frise, Avalanche, had not been well for months. Her incessantly wagging tail now lay motionless on the floor. I took our eleven-year-old dog to a compassionate veterinarian who diagnosed her with malignant tumors....more

Into the Light - 100 Word Flash Fiction

Katrina didn’t have much time before the doctor returned. Finding the secret had changed her life forever.  She crept out of the darkness into the shaft of light risking everything. He had hidden it in a drawer of his black enamel desk....more

Traditions in Transition

While unpacking Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, I received calls from my grown children. This year they “stopped by” for left-overs. It occurred to me how some of our family’s traditions had changed while some had lasted through the years....more

A Warm Welcome - 100 Word Flash Fiction

@Susie Lindau I'm using a PC (and I do see you've added a video) -> the "Filmstrip" image looks ...more

Anger, Fear, or Joy?

There have been nights when my poor husband Danny has come home from work and found me in the same position as when he left; still stooped over my keyboard. After promising to finish in a few more minutes, I have often typed for another hour. Giving up on being served a home cooked meal, he sauntered across the kitchen and opened the empty refrigerator. “Were you planning on eating tonight?” he asked politely while staring at the empty shelves....more