Since We Made The Switch to Artificial

Since we made the switch to an artificial tree, I always try to fill the house with something live, and fresh — something that has that great evergreen smell. Like, a tabletop tree, that fits squarely on the sideboard in the kitchen. The one that sits in the French gardening urn — the one that is deep enough, but not as tight-fighting as a tree-stand, so the tree wobbles, and falls over? ...more

Rosie Went Straight To Her Room

At midnight, the house will still noisy and chaotic with the college boy home for the holidays, and I was already too late getting to bed. Rosie looked content, asleep, but I decided to let her out one more time, assuming that the boys who were still up, would let her back in the house when they went to bed — or when she started to bark, the universal...more

Origami Returns

Batman style. ...more

Her Mother Was In Town

And, I don’t think I had seen her mother in over 15 years. So, even though I knew they were both busy, we found a time for me to sneak over for 15 minutes to see her. Yes, she had aged in the years I had not seen her… but she was still the same ....more

Gray Converse Tennis Shoes

They are a charcoal gray, and they have an elastic stretchy heel… and I just love them. ...more

Thirty People Heading To A Regatta

I called my son Friday night, to learn he had been in an uncomfortable van, for about five hours, and had seven more hours to go. His coach had sent them to a Regatta in Virginia… so, it was a very long weekend for him. Imagine the expressions on the parent’s faces of the girl who called them and said, “Mom, guess what! ...more

How We Arrived Fashionably Late For Dinner In New York

The waiter brought us our food quickly enough, but I looked at the window at the people and the taxis zooming by, and I wondered if we would make it on time. The restaurant we were in, was the exact same spot I found on Google Maps, Mon Petite Cafe, before we left. But, I hadn’t planned on it being so far from the church ....more

Some Might Call Them Opportunists

Some might call those New Yorkers opportunists. But I think of them as being rather thoughtful. To realize, that as the weather changes, we might need sweaters instead of T-Shirts, and fuzzy hats instead of baseball caps ....more

Back in New York

I was a bit nervous about keeping up with the walkers…. But my fears were unfounded. The people of New York City, are always so gracious and kind ....more

Don’t Worry Mom

Somehow, I found myself in one of those time warps, when I couldn’t even sneak away from the kids for ten minutes just so I could get dressed, for fear that the house would fall apart. When I did manage to get away, my phone started to blow up: I can’t find my sock Are the eggs done? Mom, why haven’t you fixed your Fantasy Football lineup! ...more