The Essence of Things

I am finding homes for that stray stack of photos I have piled up. The same stack that’s been piled up since the kids were babies. ...more

Telling Stories With Technology

Have you ever noticed that after you’ve searched for a particular product on the internet, that afterward, your computer screen is suddenly bombarded with ads for the same product on unrelated sites? They just mysteriously pop up there… as if that computer of yours is reading your mind. And they are reading your mind… your clicks, your page loads… all of that activity you are doing online gives marketers a profile of who you are and what you plan...more

I Miss Feeding Him

I picked up the little boy from a play date today. While standing in the kitchen there, the boy’s...more

Dear Son, Regarding Those Bad Days

I won’t tell you what my mom used to say to me, when I would call her and tell her about the two bad things that happened to me; she would always say, bad things come in threes… So I wonder what’s next for you. That was no help at all… But I will tell you this: I want you to feel sorrow about what has happened. I want you to yearn for it not to have happened, and I want you to regret decisions and words you have made or said… I don’t want you to sit like Buddha, and feel unattached to what is happening to you ....more

When Is It Time To Throw Away Christmas Decorations?

I left for no more than 90 minutes, and came home to find one of the three Mr. Wisemen, lying on the table with his head lobbed off, sitting beside the two tubes that come with JBWeld, and a vice. It was a clean break, but it still looked pretty hopeless ....more

How To Cook Dinner on A Dreary January Night

Other than flying off to eat somewhere special, where the meal is carefully created by someone else – someone more deliberate and intentional than you are with the food, the next best thing is to “become” that somewhere else. We all have pictures and images in our minds; the things we see when we are eyes are busy looking at the task in front of us – the eyes of our mind often filled with other things… the worst that can happen; the horrible things that did happen, or something more annoying. But, if we can simply shift that vision, just a bit, and recall a memory of that special place ....more

Time Blocking IPhone App

Now, I don’t know why I waited so long to install a parental control app that gives me the ability to block out times for apps....more

The New Year’s Resolution that Takes Longer Than One Year

Writer’s are always being scolded to read...more

The Fat-Burning Hot Chocolate Bar/How I Lost Four Inches: Weight Loss Tip 2!

Fat-Burning Hot Chocolate Bar/Curbs Cravings/Susiej The boys think I’m such a cool mom to create this hot chocolate bar, available 24×7, easily accessible in the kitchen. Little do they know, it’s for me. It’s for my cravings ....more

Plenty of Room At The Inn

At Christmastime, we miss one of the greatest miracles of the season. Even though we find ourselves paying attention to those we often take for granted for the rest of the year. We send Christmas cards to far-off relatives; we make cookies and candies for the neighbors; we slip the postman a gift card — we do everything we can to avoid being associated with any of the behaviors we find in Scrooge ....more