I Saw You On The Playground

I was completing one of the million errands I need to run for your brothers, the house, or the refrigerator. Is was after 11 a.m., and there you all were, outside for noon recess, scattered in chaotic-ordered groups around the baseball diamond, the open green fields, or clustered around the buildings. Not thinking there was even a chance of spotting you, I did see you ....more

Getting What We Need: Beds and Honey

The last Christmas present I received from her is folded neatly in a lavender scented drawer — long-silk underwear. They really do keep me warm, just like she promised. Holes naturally “fill in” all by themselves ....more

I Don’t Ask For Much

Just one picture with all four boys....more

These Stress Balls Are Really Stressing Me Out

There was not a drop of flour left in the house, save for the dusting (2 inches thick in some places) on the floor, the tabletop and our clothes. He was asking us to run to the store to get more flour– because, “he was out of product.” I soon learned that all the salt, cornstarch and baking soda was gone — and he wanted to know if he could use the Stevia. The flour was poured into a used, empty plastic water bottle, via a funnel that kept toppling over when it was full of flour, and then dropped into a balloon ....more

How To Create Timeless Stories

In the same way that there are only 8 notes, every story we love follows a pattern. Whether we are watching Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast, or The Hobbit, there is always a recurring theme. The archetype, is Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth.. ....more

As Rare As Beach Glass

As Majestic as a mountain. As strong as stone. As funny as a clown, as sneak as a snake ....more

The Bicycle Wheel and Indulging in the News

Three years ago, when we were in the Russian River Valley in California, we ate in a bistro. In the back of this restaurant was this painting of a bicycle wheel. ...more

When People Are Interested in Your Vacation Photos

Over a lush lawn of bright green spring grass, sits a half—filled crumbled paper lawn bag, propped up on the legs of the landscaper, likely the owner of the house. One hand has left the rake stand still, while the other hand holds his hat against his chest. It takes a second to register, until I realize he was paying his respects, as we in the funeral cavalcade drive by ....more

Parent to Teen: Universal Language

Share This: In the morning, before I’ve finished my first cup of tea, I listen to the blaring sounds of the latest tunes on Pandora, a station of songs not meant for my generation to hear before 10 a.m. I don’t say a word about the decibels. Instead, I routinely...more

One Second Between

Share This: You know how you want them to best friends, and they’re not? And sometimes, the way they argue and pick on each other, you start to imagine the future and Christmas dinners when their families all get together, and you think — we are going to be that family that shows up on the news around the holidays? And it will not be because of how many hours we spent in the soup kitchen ....more