Yes… I Made It!

I wish we could sit down over lunch and I could tell you all about sitting in the ambulance, with someone (not me), the joy of the train, watching the kids come home from school in Brooklyn, carrying their backpacks, the Pinot Noir at 2 in the afternoon, served by an Italian sommelier, … but I just learned my site has been hacked — hence the funny look here (yes, this will take days to fix) — and I came home to mountains of laundry and tons of crumbs everywhere, and I think a pot roast that has been sitting out for days?! (Is that possible?) But I have no time to sort out the mysteries… because I have to get ready for a new client meeting today – – with, of all things, a geographer… And, of course, there’s a soccer game tonight and the chin guards are missing… Wondering if I’ll ever plow through… ...more

Mission for Today: L Train to Brooklyn

I’m sitting at 48th and Lexington. At 2:30 today, I have a meeting with my clients, whom I have worked with for over two years, and have yet to meet. I could call UBER, and be there in 20 minutes, but that would take all of the fun out of it, wouldn’t it? ...more

It’s Halloween, and I’m busy reading…

scary books. This post is from 2009, and I still don’t quite feel like it’s Halloween until we pull out these books and at least take a glimpse. It’s hard, really, to sip a mug of pumpkin chai latte without thinking of Too Many Pumpkins ....more

What It Feels Like to Have Someone Believe in You

The first time he mentioned it, I laughed. ...more

The Queens Way of Comforting and Healing Our Epidermis

There have been many a nights, when the boys were little, and the sun kissed their skin a little too deeply; the days when I was not diligent enough with the sunscreen. To be honest, I think I subconsciously “forgot” about the sunscreen sometimes, because I could never reconcile in my mind whether or not sunscreen is actually safe; or if the Vitamin D that the sunscreen blocked, was more beneficial than the cancer risks the sunscreen presented. At sunset, I would breathe a silent steady sigh of relief, because the quandary of the lesser of two evils was finally put to rest ....more

Knowing Who Your Enemies Are

Yes, my doctor did explain to me estrogen, progesterone and hormonal balance, but by the time she finished, I still couldn’t make sense out of any of it; she made sense, but it honestly made no sense in terms of my own body. In summary, the hot flashes I had last summer were simply giving me a false sense of security; believing that I was well beyond menorraghia. Yes, things were slowing down, but I was far, far out out of the woods yet ....more

Harvesting the Garden: Rose and Lavender Water

I’ve been mindlessly ignoring, for years, references to rose water, and its beauty and theraputic effects. Just one more thing to buy, and manage… and it’s just “water,” isn’t it? Isn’t this pretty? ...more

Have Your Read Anything by Liane Moriarty Lately?

Have you been reading Liane Moriarty? If so, you know what it means to have her pleasantly deceive you into taking a path down into something quirksome, only to find yourself down in a tunnel trying to work out some of the darker issues of life. I just finished...more

How To Gracefully Ease Out Of Summer

Tough work, it is, to be human. As much as you can build security and stability into your life, the seasons will always come to shake these up… just when you’re getting used to going outside without a coat. The only way out of one season is to go through it ....more