It Was Just So Soothing To Leave Every Note Touched

Share This: For weeks, my very own son, sat down at the piano, hunched over the keyboard, iPad off to the side, tuned to Youtube where they were giving guided lessons on Twenty One Pilot piano solos. He invited me to help him work out a few chords, or to show him the fingering for a tricky section. We struggled together over the passages that were in the key of F#, and he had so much trouble remembering that when you start with E, every B will always be flat, and with G, every F will be sharp ....more

We Waited Until the Late Afternoon

Share This: when the sun wasn’t so hot to start our excursion. And, we saw a tortoise. There were a couple of snakes, but they were too fast for the camera ....more

On Choosing Not To Wrestle Alligators

Share This: I really shouldn’t be running. Not cut out for it, and I never have been. At least I run alone ....more

That Flush of Spring Break is Over

Share This: The early flush of spring break quickly wore off as life began to hit us hard. The evenings I had hoped to spend catching up with my son were quickly replaced with this:...more

The Early Flush of Spring Break

Share This: Rosie did her usual wiggle-and-greet when he walked through the door — until she finally realized it was “HIM” and she immediately threw all her inhibitions aside and began to break all the rules and started to jump on him, while making that whining sound of...more

On Loving Pi

Share This: “I ate so much pie today at school that I almost threw up… but I caught myself and swallowed it instead.” How much pie did you have? “Everyone brought enough pies in for each one of us to have one half of a pie total.” When did you eat pie? “We just ate it all day long.” And what kind did you have? ...more

The Missing Egg Story

Share This: There is a dogwood tree in our front yard, and if the front door is open, to reveal the glass-paneled storm door, I can see this tree when I am standing in the kitchen. Several years ago, when I still had one who napped, I took Fun Size by the hand, and we went out to this tree and together, we tied plastic easter eggs with fishing wire to the branches. The plastic pastel colored eggs dangled from the tree, and Fun Size grinned with delight ....more

The Vulnerability of False Springs

Share This: “You do know the best part of winter, don’t you mom?” “What’s that?” “When it starts to get warm.” Although it’s too early for it still, I know he’s thinking about that smell… that smell of spring that he notices before the rest of us see the tips of the leaves of the bulbs breaking through the frozen earth (how can those delicate leaves be that tough?!) and the forsythia start to turn chartruese. I know I ...more

Boys and Being Boys

Share This: My boys one day, found an L-shaped piece of paper and said, “Look, a picture frame,” while the other one, simultaneously said, “It’s a gun.” I talked with a new mom. The mom who knows everything. ...more

The Magic of Folding

Share This: There is a certain calm that comes when you begin to focus on the clutter in your homy by category. ...more