When the House Falls Apart and There is Nothing I Can Do About It

So, on the third day, our oldest, GinGin, arrived home from college to relieve the babysitter, and take over holding down the fort. First, he announced, via text, that the babysitter didn’t clean up, and none of the laundry was done, (do they ever?!). ...more

How The Little Ice Age Effect Will Play Into Your Holiday Travel Plans

This snow? This cold? This early? ...more

Tag-A-Long Rosie


The Salt Rub: An Easier Alternative to the Turkey Brine

Admittedly, brining a turkey does bring out flavor, and adds sweet juiciness to even the driest parts of the turkey. However, making room for a two-day bird-bath in your refrigerator delivers quite a challenge to an already-over burdened, holiday-stocked refrigerator. Last Thanksgiving, I turned the same aromatic herbs I typically use for a turkey brine into a salt rub....more

Not the Mormon Housewife Blogger

I have been reading that I am not alone in my attraction to the Mormon housewives blogs. It appears that many people are drawn to their web pages because they make parenting seems so effortless, beautiful, and smooth sailing. Here, on this blog, you will find quite the opposite ....more

We Can Skip Class When It Snows, And Wear Slippers Inside

I had that crockpot, the other one, warm and full of hot chocolate, just waiting for the kids to come home from school. It was the first cold, hard day. The fifth grader announced a new class rule: If it’s snowing, whether it’s recess time or not, they can go outside and play in the snow, if they want ....more

Crows Can Remember What You Look Like

He brought home the brand new picture book, in that bold color of blue, that has always been his favorite. “Here! Mom, read this! ...more

I’m Replacing My Morning Cup of Hot Tea With This:

It all started with the sweetener dilemma. I didn’t want empty extra calories, so I switched to Stevia – the most healthful version of all of the substitutes – but even that had issues. But the bottom line is – Stevia tastes downright rank in a hot beverage ....more

So, My Phone Started Ringing as We Headed Toward The Runway

My phone was ringing. Which was odd, because the plane I was sitting on was approaching the runway, and I had tied every knot, and tied up every loose end, the best way a mother of four boys could, before I boarded the plane. Then, I saw the name of “Ruri” my second oldest son, on the screen ....more

That Beauty That Comes Only From Time Passing

I have good intentions. Still, why is it that there are certain things, sometimes the most important things, that can turn out so horrific? I start well ....more