Lucky Me, I tore my ACL/MCL

More times than I can remember, I have found myself honestly saying, “It’s a...more

The Uses of Enchantment

The day I decided to become a mother, I was sitting in a college lecture hall, surrounded by more than a thousand students, listening to a professor articulate a truth that I had carried around since childhood: Fairytales are important — and are crucial to our development as human beings. ...more

On Saving Women’s Lives and Giving them Power

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Lights Out

I suppose he will always be the baby… Even though he is 13 now. As the youngest, he has less homework than his brothers, needs more sleep, and just has less going on. His brothers, on the other hand, are up late, doing homework, or getting home from some activity, while the baby is trying to get some sleep One night, around 11:00, I was pulling cookies out of the oven, because kids need stamina when they’re studying, and the a baby jumped out of bed, stormed out of his room, turned ...more

Wishing Tree

The fact that the first ones look as good as the new ones, even after all the storms we’ve had, is what I love the best about the Wishing Tree. This magical tree grows outside of a candy store, just a few miles north of here, where even kids and teens are compelled to put down their smartphones and pick up old-fashioned pen and shipping tag to write a wish. We are so quick to carry wishes around in our heads, as we work, brushing them off without catching them ....more

Sunday Rice

Food is how I connect with my son. He loves to eat, he is wildly curious about how I make what I make, and wants to do it himself. Talking about food is a safe, non-intrusive way of connecting without digging around, we can talk about what he ate there, and with whom, and where ....more

Butter Knives and Cream

The physical therapist brought out a jar of cream. She didn’t say a word, and so I assumed, that maybe, she had some magical cream that would take away the very small red scars left behind by the incision. But instead, she picked up a shiny sterling silver tool ....more

When the Day Was Long

I saw all of those pictures on Facebook. Back-to school pics, kids holding signs marking the year and grade. I gave up trying — I didn’t even give the idea of getting that first day of school pic a second thought, because there would be so much resistance from the boys ....more

I Wish I Could Go Back….

and it was the beginning of summer… He may have said it, but those words have been my cadence all summer. Slowly simmering in the back of my mind, lacing every sunset, and tangling its way around every blossom. Related posts: My ClimbersT.. ....more

He Made The Team

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