You Have To Be Patient and Actually Work At It: Reusable Bubbles

Share This: I had a few elementary boys home early from school today, and after I took them out to lunch, I told them we were going to make some good old fashioned flubber. You know, like we used to do when you were in preschool? Boys your age need some tactile, sensory exploration, I explained ....more

Valentine Boxes for Boys

Share This: That school Valentine’s Day Party is coming up, and your little boy wants nothing to do with that. He’d be happy to bring in a grocery bag to collect his Valentine’s Day cards. But one of these Boy Valentine Boxes just might change his mind ....more

The Magic of Tidying

Share This: Have you been reading THIS BOOK?...more

The Beauty Impact of The Daniel Fast

Share This: If you read through the end of this post, there’s a good chance you may change your mind about something you swore you’d never have the strength to do, and just decide to do it. Here, I will give you two very convincing reasons to fast, and more than one of you will probably start one before the week is over. The official definition of The Daniel Fast is to only eat food from seed, and drink only water and no delicacies ....more

Fight Seasonal Allergies Before They Start

Share This: There’s more to honey than using it to lighten your hair. This age-old wives tale does not come with scientific proof. However, this theory is a pretty good one ....more

At The Grocery Store

Share This: I was there last night, during that witching hour, when people’s bellies are driving them to the shelves, still in their work clothes, to fend of that primal need: hunger. I rarely go to the grocery store at that time of day — except on Mondays. For some reason, I am out of everything on Monday, and I don’t realize it until 4:30 ....more

Look What Happened to my Clean White Shelves

Share This: There’s something calming, cleansing and renewing about looking at clutter-free spaces in January. After the opulence of Christmas is wiped away, leaving the shelves bare is good for the soul, and the eyes. And what do they say, clear space, and something new flows in? ...more

Hello: I’ve been Busy Researching

Share This: It was beyond comforting to go to sleep each night, for the past month, knowing that all four of the boys were under the same exact roof. Breathing the same air. If you can believe it, I had no time for nothing else ....more

Treasures Off-Camera

Share This: So many, many times, over the years, I have had the sweetest moments laid out in front of me, like a red carpet, and I have failed to capture them. The most ironic thing is, that I usually am holding a camera in my hand at the time, clicking away at everything, but I just end up standing there, like a deer in headlights, just watching, mentally trying to etch every detail in my brain. So, this last time, I was busy snapping photos of his soccer game, the one who was once “show-and-tell.”...more

What Makes Them Fight?

Share This: I can hardly get them together in the view of my camera at the same time to snap a picture. They run through the yards so quickly. These pictures are the only ones I could find with all of them together — and they’re from last fall — when Rosie was just a puppy ....more