When The Kids Come Home From College and Help

When the fourth child told the class and the teacher, (who knows all the brothers) that his whole entire family, especially his older brothers, tried to talk him out of making such a big animal, the Emperor Penguin, the teacher “laughed and nodded her head.”...more

The Year Christmas Came With A Four-Minute TV Spot

The best part, I keep telling myself, is that by 10 am, I could easily be sitting in my favorite Sunday school class, as if nothing happened that morning. The TV station, WSYX-TV is less than a mile away. I am to arrive by 9:15, camera ready, ready for a four-minute interview at 9:45 am ....more

Is Santa Real?

The question, Is Santa Real, rings through the holiday season with the Christmas carols, and just like the icicles hanging from our rooftops, sends a shiver down our spines. We can stall, ignore or sugarcoat our answers; however these futile attempts to side-step the issue rarely satisfy the insatiable curiosity of a child. A better approach might be to just give our children the facts; cold, hard evidence grounded in science ....more

The Christmas Gift For Your Teen That Gives You Peace of Mind

I can still remember those long, dark winter nights, driving down the snow covered roads, traveling to my job and back to campus, late at night, after the mall had closed and the bank deposit had been made. This was an affordable car. An old car ....more

Press & Features

I also write for the Discovering Ohio...more

Snowflake Cut-Out Cookies

The kids came home from school early, and thankfully, we had this little project. They were very easy, a lot less messier than making paper snowflakes, and the kids were delighted, and happily entertained; for all of about 20 minutes. You cut these into snowflake shapes before baking them ....more

Christmas Gifts That Feed That Appetitie

I know you have that one person on your gift giving list that needs nothing. ...more

The Best Place to Hide Presents

When it comes to Christmas presents, kids have a sixth sense; they can smell presents the way a Mom can smell chocolate. You’ve worked so hard to find them the perfect gift, and then, they find the gifts and spoil the whole surprise. The spots listed here are stealthy ingenious because they are, as Poe’s purloined letter, so obviously right in front of your nose, yet still concealed ....more

It’s Finals Week At College

So, I shipped off this care package: It’s full of protein-packed nuts, raisins, granola bars, clementines and pears, peppermint tea and of course, a Gingerbread house, complete with Rudolph, and the Abominable Snowman… ...more