God's Cruel Joke: Adolescence & Peri-Menopause, Part 1

When my mother had children she was 22 years old. That means when I was 13 and nasty, she was 35. She was still young enough to deal with the chaos of adolescence. Sure, we celebrated her 35th birthday two years in a row because she lost track, but she probably wasn't perimenopausal.These days, lots of women delay having children. We must stop doing that!Because when our children come into adolescence, we are struggling through perimenopause and our homes become bomb sites....more

Guest Blogger Lynn Hudoba: Autism, Bunnies, and Roller Coasters, Oh My: A Charity Smackdown

If you’ve ever had a child enrolled in a private school, you know that you hear a lot of the f-word. Fundraising. My daughter attends a private school for children with autism. It is a very small school that strives to keep class sizes small, because it is so important that our kids have as much one-on-one attention as possible. So they are always looking for fundraising opportunities and have most recently entered the Pepsi Refresh Project....more

Mothers of Daughters, We Need to Talk

I’ve been putting this off, but I think it’s time we had this chat. I am the mother of three boys. My twins are 17 years old and are going to be seniors this year. My 11 year old I going to be in the sixth grade. They’re normal boys. Athletic. Funny. Wacky. Some of your daughters like them for this....more

Well, We’ve Gone & Done It Now

Since I made my declaration that SusieLand was a happy place and put a moratorium on paying attention to most of the news, I was happy to hear about the BP Disaster only peripherally. That all changed when my brother Kurt sent me this link. Now I am depressed. Watch it here…...more

Let's Get Naked...or Just Talk About Body Image

At the gym, I came out of my shower in time to see a woman who usually attends water aerobics with me. I said hi as I carefully adjusted my towel so that no offending body parts were visible. Which means most of them because I learned at an early age that unless you are bone thin you keep everything covered. ...more

The Microwave...Part One

Our microwave broke last week. Who knows why. Actually, I'm guessing one of three young male family members knows why. But they're not talking....more

About a month ago. Don't miss it at all! We mostly just used it for reheating leftovers anyway. ...more

I Passed My Test

My Pap Smear/Test, that is. I even got a report card in the mail telling me I passed!Have you taken yours?!Seriously, girls, you need to see your gynecologist or internist and have this done. At least every few years.We can't see these parts and we don't know when something goes awry....more

If you're logged in, you can edit your own posts in the future. Just go to the post itself and ...more

Pet Peeve Friday with Giveaway...Big Brothers

Last week's drawing for the Pet Peeve Friday prize of Avon Oatmeal hand cream sample is Cindy Pfannenstiel. Cindy, keep an eye on the mail...This week's prize is a full-size Avon's Moisture Therapy Skin Bump Minimizer. Tell your friends. All comments to this blog post are entered for the drawing!Winner to be announced next Friday!***...more

Pre-Recorded Messages or a Flip Chart?

I'm tired of repeating myself to my kids....more

Hat Quest 2010

I need a new hat since I can't be in the sun. Unfortunately, I forget how bad the sun really is for me until Spring is here.So today was day one of Hat Quest 2010....more