Allowance Or No Allowance - That Is The Question

A recent study sheds some light on the concept of allowance.The bottom line? Most kids get one.In fact, 61% of parents surveyed said their kids received allowance. Do you pay allowance? Should you? Check out the facts first and then stay tuned for a cool product idea that might sway your decision:The Allowance Facts- According to a study done by the AICPA:...more

Is Michael Phelps Really THE BEST? Maybe Not.

My swim cap is off to Michael Phelps.He is a sick athlete and a true source of pride for the swim community and America in general. He’s won 22 Olympic medals over an 8-year period during three Olympics. He has set and broken a ridiculous number of world records and has (except for one minor bong incident!) behaved like a true gentleman. He is a young man that any mother would be proud of and an athlete who will be remembered forever.But (and here come the boos) I question whether or not it’s fair to laud him as "the most decorated Olympian in American history"....more
Hi, Susie I am a new blogger from Italy . I agree with you. There are big champions in many ...more

Keep Your Kids Safe From Lyme Disease

Summer is in full swing and so is Lyme Disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25,000 to 30,000 cases of the infection are reported annually. Ick! And with your little dudes playing outside, infection is a real risk.Symptoms can often be mistaken for other common illnesses, like a cold or flu, and the telltale bulls-eye rash is only present in 20-30% of the cases. To make matters worse, tests aren’t always accurate because it takes 4-6 weeks post infection for your body to crank out enough antibodies to be detectable. Sigh....more

Check Out This New York Times Wedding Announcement

“Natasha Alexandra Uspensky and Khashayar Jonathan Parkhideh are to be married Sunday evening at the de Seversky Mansion, an event space on the campus of the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, N.Y. Rabbi Andy Bachman is to officiate....more