Midnight Chuckles

I haven’t been sleeping very well lately, which is not fun at all. But the ONE silver lining to the cloud is that I get to hear some of Mike’s midnight delerium. More like 3am delerium… cause he’s never in bed as ‘early’ as midnight ....more

From the Club Lounge

Today I embarked on a solo trip. I know. Amazing! ...more

Quote of the Day- Sweet N Edition

Kids say the darndest things. Here is a collection entirely dedicated to my older girlie from probably the last year or so… Driving down the road she sees these birds on the wires… ‘Yook Ma! Da birds are having a resting party!!” Here she is wearing her ‘Tee-raw-ra” ....more

And Back Again…

Change is headed our way. Again. It has been sought after ....more


I recently had another post about my littler girlie riding in a shopping cart. Well she found another way to ride. Try not to think of the germs… On the three days a week that both my older kiddos have school in the morning I often take this one out running errands with me ....more

Phone Dump

I’ve had more photos on my phone recently than my nice camera. Just this stage of life I think. It is what is ....more

A Peanut Painting

After a particularly difficult hour with this little peanut (I resorted to carrying her around the kitchen in the Ergo Carrier in an attempt to curb the whinig… that’s why she has funny red marks on her legs)… something strange came over me and I got out paint for her to decorate her Valentine box to put in the hallway. A friend organizes a valentine exchange for the hallway kids each Valentines Day. Lil’ A is obviously too little to understand, but I figured if the other kids are opening boxes and taking out cute cards, then she would enjoy doing the same ....more

All Ready to Head Out


All by Herself!

Sweet N poured and flipped a BUNCH of pancakes all by herself this weekend. So proud of her....more

Surprise Movie Night

Mike is on a trip, so I work extra hard to keep our kiddos happy and busy. Today they had an all-afternoon playdate with some friends, and they came home to this surprise!!! It’s their dream to have a movie night with the sofa bed out ....more