Roller Derby: Empowering Entertainment

I don't want to speak for all Seattlites, but I know that it came as a surprise to me (and many people I talked to) that Seattle has a roller derby league. Roller derby seems like a thing of the past and invokes images of burly women who, as Jim Croce would say, are "built like a 'frigerator with a head." Not so, Blogfans, not so. ...more

German Chocolate Cupcakes and Coconut Pecan Frosting

This weekend I experimented with a new type of icing for my friend's birthday party. To celebrate his German heritage, he and his friends hosted a German potluck and they asked me to bring some German chocolate cupcakes. (I learned during the making of said cake that German chocolate cake is, in fact, not at all German, but made it anyway.) First I made the German-themed chocolate cupcake toppers. I thought German flags, pretzels and glasses of beer would be appropriate symbols of the country....more

Guest Blogger: Cute Animals in the Snow!

 Greetings Blogfans!...more

DIY Wall Decor: Unusual(ly easy) Craft Project #17

I'm always looking for easy and useful craft projects, so when I received some odd little puzzles from a white elephant gift exchange, I hatched a plan. Each 5 x 7 puzzle displayed a cupcake decorated in a different color. Kinda cute, but what am I supposed to do with tiny puzzles that I can finish in ten minutes? Turn them into wall decoration, of course! ...more

Toasting your Father: Tips from a Best Daughter

When my dad announced he and his long-time sweetheart were going to tie the knot, I was thrilled! Just a few days before the wedding, my dad's fiance asked me to be the best man. All I had to do was hold the rings and make a toast. Sure, I could handle that--daughters can be best men, too. I started doing a bit of research about best man toasts online, but the tips I found were bizarrely unfitting for toasting one's father and new wife. Do I really need to be reminded not to swear, tell crass jokes, and avoid discussing sex? No. ...more

How to Give a Great Gift on a Budget

Choosing a good gift is a skill that, like any, needs to be honed. Deciding on the perfect present becomes even trickier when coupled with an economy like the current one, when we all need a dollar to stretch a little further. But never fear! There are great gifts for everyone on your list if you know where to look. ...more

Homemade Stuffed Owl and Bunny

  I bought some felt pieces on a whim at the craft store after entertaining the idea that I might be able to make little felt stuffed ...more

9 Fun Things To Do When You're Under-employed

 Now that the busy season at the zoo is finished and I am only substitute teaching for a school a couple of days a week, I am, euphemistically, under-employed. Instead of stressing out about the state of finances or strewing about lack of opportunities, I'm trying to find things to do with my time (aside from job-hunting), so if you are in the same boat, here are some ideas that are fun, inexpensive and productive, too....more

Native American Art Wedding Cake

When my dad and his sweetheart announced they were getting married, I was thrilled! They both love Native American art, specifically Haida and Tlingit or Northwest coastal art. Instead of having them order any gluten-free cake for my sister and me, I offered to bring a gluten-free cake. ...more
@victorias_view Thanks! I love doing these special cakes and this one was a particular pleasure ...more

Geek Girl Con Seattle

Geeky is the new cool. Last weekend Seattle kicked off its first Geek Girl Con, much to the delight of nerdy girls and guys across the Northwest. I arrived early and stood in line peering at the other attendees, some of whom were dressed as Wonder Woman, Mario and Bowser, Vulcans. Everyone else sported their dorkiest daily attire. ...more