I remember exactly where I was . . .

on September 11th, 2001.  What I was doing.  Thankfully,  I wasn't on a ferry in New York Harbour, from which I took this photograph in the summer of 2011. ...more

The Cheese in the Cake

I didn't embrace cheese until my early adulthood.  As a child, I despised it.  In all its forms.  No cheese and crackers.  No grated parmesan on spaghetti.  No grilled cheese sandwiches.  No macaroni and cheese.  I may have been the only child alive to refuse to eat Kraft Dinner.   There was only one notable exception to the exclusion of cheese from my life.  Pizza.  Mozzarella cheese on pizza was acceptable.  Who, after all, could dislike pizza?...more
yumm! I love blogs that inspire new ways to enjoy food!more

Never Fail Fudge

 I descend from a long line of fudge-making failures.  My mother, despite her impressive culinary talent, was incapable of successfully making a pan of fudge.  My grandmother, who spent a significant portion of her life in the kitchen, made many of my favourite treats.  But never fudge.  As far as I know, a solid piece of fudge may never have been created by anyone in my maternal line.  Just thick syrup.  Pan after pan of thick, buttery, caramel syrup....more

Your post made me laugh. Thank you! And I have made this page a "favorite," because I, too, plan ...more

Nancy and Me

Between the ages of nine and twelve, my reading material could be summarized in two words:  Nancy Drew.  Nancy's world was absorbing.  And so much more interesting than mine.  Bess and George.  Ned Nickerson.  Hannah Gruen.  Her convertible.  Her global travels.  And her unerring ability to solve any mystery she encountered. ...more

Nancy Drew books and for my sister and I - Laura Ingalls Wilder's original Little House on the ...more

Vertical Pumpkins

 Today is the day. The day on which I embark upon my third consecutive year of pumpkin gardening. Admittedly, June 5th is a late start. But it's been a late spring. A cold spring. And I wanted to be sure the threat of frost had truly passed. I take no chances with my pumpkin seeds. ...more

Yes. I'll be watching them closely and will possibly be able to arrange some support if any ...more

May The Force Be With You

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in 1977, I stood in line on the sidewalk outside the Vogue Theatre on Charlotte Street in Sydney.  I bought my ticket, went inside, purchased the essential popcorn and pop, and took my seat.   As the film's introduction began its slow crawl across the screen, I had a sense of being thrust into the middle of an adventure....more

It is one of the greatest movies of all times. A movie that seems to pass on from generation to ...more