Whiskey Rebellion

If you love simple baking projects, you’re going to want to grab yourself a bottle of whiskey and some cocoa powder. ...more

Minty Fresh

My kids love going to the hardware store with my husband....more

Hot Tomatoes

Every time I bite into a juicy, luscious home grown tomato, the chorus from Guy Clark’s “Home Grown Tomatoes” plays in my head like a soundtrack: Home grown tomatoes, home grown tomatoes What would life be without home grown tomatoes? Only two things that money can’t buy That’s true love and home grown tomatoes It’s […] The post Hot Tomatoes appeared first on Flour Arrangements ....more


We’re currently keeping up with our zucchini crop by sharing squash with willing takers, but I can see that soon I’ll need to start doorbell ditching our prolific harvest on people’s front steps....more

Simply Sweet

Lately, when I feel inspired by an elaborate baking project, I try to resist....more

Tight Buns

The other morning, six-year-old Tessa said,”I want to do a baking project today called ‘not those buns.’” Frankly, I felt the same....more

Vacation Sweets

My tradition of baking a sweets to bring along on vacation started two years ago when I brought sesame cookies on a weekend getaway with girlfriends to Victoria, B.C. I didn’t recognize that baking had become an essential part of my travel routine, though, until my family headed to Disneyland this spring....more

Pure Sunshine

Apricot season feels so fleeting....more

Top Secret

When my girls were much younger, they refused to take even the smallest bite of any dish containing onions. Because I understood the value of choosing my battles, I sometimes left onions out of recipes or resorted to sneaking them into food rather suffer through dinner-time tension. Here’s the funny part:...more

My Cup Runneth Over

For the last two weeks, the internet service at our house has worked for maybe 20 minutes a day....more