What the Spuck?

My friend Peg always brings her train case camping....more

Perfectly Ironed

My daughter Eliza may be a picky eater, but this frustratingly finicky trait has a definite upside....more

No Sour Grapes

I love grapes. I love their juicy crispness....more

Whiskey Rebellion

If you love simple baking projects, you’re going to want to grab yourself a bottle of whiskey and some cocoa powder. ...more

Minty Fresh

My kids love going to the hardware store with my husband....more

Hot Tomatoes

Every time I bite into a juicy, luscious home grown tomato, the chorus from Guy Clark’s “Home Grown Tomatoes” plays in my head like a soundtrack: Home grown tomatoes, home grown tomatoes What would life be without home grown tomatoes? Only two things that money can’t buy That’s true love and home grown tomatoes It’s […] The post Hot Tomatoes appeared first on Flour Arrangements ....more


We’re currently keeping up with our zucchini crop by sharing squash with willing takers, but I can see that soon I’ll need to start doorbell ditching our prolific harvest on people’s front steps....more

Simply Sweet

Lately, when I feel inspired by an elaborate baking project, I try to resist....more

Tight Buns

The other morning, six-year-old Tessa said,”I want to do a baking project today called ‘not those buns.’” Frankly, I felt the same....more

Vacation Sweets

My tradition of baking a sweets to bring along on vacation started two years ago when I brought sesame cookies on a weekend getaway with girlfriends to Victoria, B.C. I didn’t recognize that baking had become an essential part of my travel routine, though, until my family headed to Disneyland this spring....more