1st Grade Favorites


Why Not Home?

Hi friends! Meet Jessicca Moore. ...more

Quads 1st day of 1st Grade

Look at these widdles…from the first day of preschool, to the first day of 1st grade! Unreal. ...more

Meet the Teacher~ 1st Grade!

Well, since we went all of summer without haircuts, it was time to trim these shaggy surfer dude mop heads. (Drew and Ben waiting patiently for their back-to-school haircuts). ...more

Steece Quads 7th BDay Pool Party!

I cannot believe that my teenie tiny little preemies just turned SEVEN YEARS OLD!!!! (Drew, Ethan, Sav, Ben) ...more

Quad Mom Trip 2014~ Suz’s House!

I had the extraordinary honor of hosting the annual Quad Mom Trip for 2014! Thank God for amazing grandparents and friends. I kicked the kids out, Joe out…even the DOG out of the house! ...more

Father’s Day 2014

I love these pics of the kiddos on Father’s Day, after church. They look so ridiculously grown up! ...more

Corpus Trip with Besties 2014

Suz has some backlogging to do…so sorry that these next few posts will be crazy forever ago. ...more

Last Days of Kindergarten

Better late than never, right?… ...more

Great Wolf Lodge with our BFFs

On Memorial Day, we dressed the kids up like we were about to swim in our pool… ...more