Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice - Episode 3: Female Dating Etiquette

Yesterday, I was all "I'm totally going to post today" and then guess what I didn't end up doing.... I have a good reason, though! You see, episode 3 of Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice was supposed to go up yesterday, but then YouTube was all "NOT YET! YOU NEED TO DO STUFF!!" Unfortunately, I didn't hear this because I was out having drinks with John Hamm who was out of town for the past few days. So, it wasn't until I got home that I realized that YouTube needed me. ...more

Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice #2 - Douchebags

Dated some real douchebags in your time? Yeah, so have we, but luckily we can laugh about it now.

Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice - Episode 1

Everyone.Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice has officially premiered!I know, I know. You're all "OMG MY DREAMS ARE FINALLY COMING TRUE!" and I'm all "I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?!"And that's totally how you should feel, because, let's face it, this is just wonderful!So, please, watch this first episode, and give us as much feedback as possible. We hope to only get better at this whole thing.Also, I'm sorry  if my sentences are totally random right now, but wine. And excitement.Anyway, yay! ...more

Yes. All of This Did Actually Happen.

So, yesterday I had to go to my lady doctor (sorry dudes, but I promise to not go into any awful details!), which is just an all-around unwanted experience for every woman. I have literally never met a woman who has said "I love going to my hoo-ha doctor. It's the best!" unless said woman was using extreme sarcasm, because let's be honest here: It's the fracking worst....more

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Kinda Loves Me?

So last night Dragon and I were at the store, picking up dinner and a movie. Deciding on the movie was brutal, as always. We don't fight over it or anything, but we're just so darn bad at just picking something - or he'll pick something stupid and I have to explain that there is no way in hell I'm watching that movie, but then we ultimately do end up getting it and I end up loving it or something stupid like that. It's very frustrating. ...more

I Am So Psychic, Which Means My Awesome Factor Just Increased By Like... A Ka-jillion.

So, every Tuesday, Kelloggs, John Hamm, and I meet up for Tacos at this Mexican restaurant in Suburbia. They have this deal known as Taco Tuesday, where you can order id="mce_marker" Tacos, which are actually pretty delicious.Since Kelloggs is a giant flake, he decided he wasn't going to show up last night, but instead go home and take care of his flu-ridden mother.What a jerk.Anyway, this is the conversation we had this morning:Kelloggs: Sorry I missed all the fun last night....more

I Will Sacrifice Proper Movie Theater Etiquette for the Sake of Winning an Argument. You've Been Warned.

Last night at the movies:Dragon: Can I get two for The Django, please?Me: Did you just say “The Django”?Dragon: Heh.. no…Me: I think you did. You just called it “The Django”. It’s just “Django”.Dragon: No, it’s “D-Jango!” There’s a “D” at the front!...more

My Obsession with Dick Van Dyke Continues...

A conversation I had with Gumby on my day off this week:Me: Hey, what’s going on?Gumby: Not much. Doing little projects and stuff.Me: Sames. Well, not really, actually. I’m not really being productive at all… but I’m sort of okay with it. I slept in until 10:45 today and you know what my first thought was when I looked at the time?Gumby: What?...more

Dragon's Day Off + My iPad = What the Actual F*ck?

So, Dragon had the day off one day, but I did not, which means that he was left alone in my apartment with my iPad all day long. Normally this means that he’ll spend the day watching Netflix, playing video games and goofing around with Gio. Something must have been in the coffee that day, though, because when I came home, I grabbed my iPad and found this little series of photos (I added the little face later for purposes which should be obvious): ...more

It' the First Book Drawing for My Book Review - See If Your Pick Won!

Good morning everyone! Thanks so much for all of your suggestions for what book I should read this month!The video of me picking this month’s book is on youtube, you can just click on the link below if you want to watch:The First Ever Book Drawing!! Yay!I wish I could post videos into this blog, but I unfortunately don’t have that ability. Wah-wah. Oh well....more