Win A Free Copy of The Book "Remembering Love"

Do you like books?  Would you like to win a free copy of the novel Remembering Love, which is by the up and coming author Nadine Christian.  This is a believeable romance with intriguing drama, but set on the picturesque locale of Pitcairn Island.  If you would like to win a free book, then read the blog post...more

Choosing The Pedestrian Walking Life

  Whether it be on foot or a bike, pedestrianism can be an enjoyable way to commute.  Friends and family balked in the past at my decision to forego driving to walk most places, but now many people commend me for saving money - and staying fit....more
@Julie Adolf Really sad more communities do not have side walks for people. I think we need ...more

The Thing That Bothers Me At Times

The thing that bothers me at times is how I have always been excluded, or considered the outsider in social circles.  Growing up I was teased a lot for being different, so as an adult I have never become the social butterfly.  Sometimes it bothers me when it seems like I am the last person to know something since I am not part of the social circle or group, but that is okay.  Only occasionally do these things bother me because I realized long ago I had to be true to me, and that often means I will not be accepted in a social circle.  I enjoy one on one conversations, but...more

Made A Necklace With A Shell Pendant

I enjoy making my own jewelry, which is a fun way to save money.  I made a necklace the other day with a shell pendant, which turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself....more

Bearie's Artistic Creations Zazzle Shop

  Since I love to create art work and take pictures, I have created a Zazzle shop featuring items with my artistic creations.  ...more The Arts and Crafts Blog

My pen-name Sweetbearies and I write about arts and crafts topics on my website  I have been an online writer for almost four years now, and I started writing on Hubpages.  I am especially proud of my arts and crafts blog because this is where I give people tips and suggestions about how they can make projects on their own.  I also enjoy sharing what I am working on, and in the near future I want to sell some of my pieces at an art show....more