Client Project: Dining Room Before & After

I had to laugh when I looked back on my last post. I gave you all the details about the plan for our kitchen remodel… the lighting, cabinets, sink countertops, flooring, chairs, etc. But, I realized later that I didn't even mention any materials that are actually used for the main purpose of the kitchen:...more

Kitchen Design

Hey friends! The design for our kitchen remodel is complete, and now we are playing the waiting game while our cabinets are being built....more

Kitchen Pass Through Window

Perhaps it was the teen years I spent working the Burger King drive thru window....more

Beach Villa Makeover: Dining Area

It's no secret that I love coastal decor. Although I live in the Midwest, I decorate with turquoise and white (and pink, of course!). I've got sea glass and driftwood scattered around my home, but I try not to go overboard with the coastal thing, since I don't live anywhere near an ocean ....more

Beach Villa Makeover: Family Room & Sun Deck

When we were looking for a beach house, this was the dream ... Neutral walls, shades of blues and greens, and lots of coastal accessories.But, the reality was this... Well, I suppose there were shades of green going on, but it wasn't the "welcome to the beach" look I wanted ....more

Our Beach Villa: Part Two

If you missed it, check out yesterday's post for details and "before" pics of our Hilton Head beach villa. The villa came furnished, and thankfully, the furniture was in good shape. However, everything was a bit too dark and dated for my taste ....more

Our Beach Villa: Part One

I love the ocean. The sand between my toes, the saltwater, the sound of crashing waves and the sea air. It is definitely my happy place ....more

Eclectic Powder Room Before & After

Last night I went out to dinner with a friend, and she told me she was waiting for my next blog post, and I had better get on it. So, Christine… this one's for you.Whenever I've been absent from my blog for a while, I figure the least I should do is show back up with a "before and after." Therefore, may I present our newly refreshed powder room?Here is how it began: basic, brown, boring... You know how one thing leads to another? ...more

The Look for Less

I recently completed this design board for a client... She is a physician and busy mother of two boys, and she wanted to update her dining room with paint and accessories to make it a "sanctuary from the chaos."Well, you know I can relate to that!Using her drapes as a jumping off point, I set out to create a soothing room with a neutral palette and a mix of shiny and rustic objects.Since everyone likes to save money, I try to offer the "look for less" option whenever possible. With this particular project, my client could choose to go high or low on a couple of the pieces.First up is the fabric for the dining chairs ....more

Chinoiserie Wallpaper Panels

It's almost Valentine's Day, and I have got a brand new love. Well two, actually.They are tall and gorgeous, and they're both hanging in my dining room right at this very moment.Hello lovers... Did you see them? ...more