Achieving Happiness at Work

Some people discover that being truly happy at work can be quite a challenging task. For one thing we feel that we are either given too little responsibility or the opposite - too much, so a middle ground can be difficult to establish too.  We seem to always find a problem and lose sight of the solution.  Whatever it is that you do as work, whether it be studying for a degree, working for yourself at home or indeed as one of many in a larger corporate organisation, happiness can often come from finding yourself being grateful for the small things....more

Could You Make That Pop-Up Business Work?

Have you ever had the most amazing business idea but conformed to the maybes that you just don’t know for sure yet?  In my line of work I find that this is the main reason why many people hatching the perfect business idea continue to sit on it.  By doing so their concepts may never be realised however few people consider the wonders of the minimalist business model – it's a simple business with minimal bills which if run at certain points of the year runs as a pop-up business....more

How to Fill the Gap & Love the Life You Live

“Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.” ~Ali ibn abi Talib...more

Why Blog. Why Not?

Many people get in touch with me to ask how they should start a blog, they wonder what way is best and how should they do it.  It’s not difficult – you just need the passion and inspiration to write about what you want and the will to help others in doing so.  We can all write a personal journal or doodle on the side of a margin, we all have a book inside of us whilst some have two or three.  So why not go the extra mile?  Usually the stop gap between the knowledge that we can and the have-done/does-do is the will to start now....more

One Eye on the Past and One on the Future

Many of us live our lives in a manner which could be described as having one eye on the past and one on the future – our minds constantly drift to the mistakes of the past whilst our fears are aligned with the worst case scenario of a future which doesn’t even exist yet....more

When Being Busy is Good

More often than not we can be found running around and rushing from one task to another.  When people try to stop us we announce quickly we're busy and dash on.  Minimalism is designed to conquer this - dashing from one task to another can render us disconnected from the world around us and so to engage with it more we must slow down, switch off and begin to live.  To shun being busy we must look at our schedule and search for blocks of time which we can cancel unimportant commitments in exchange for time with ourselves....more

The Secret to Mindfulness

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now.” ― Alan Wilson Watts...more

Do I Need to Invest in Technology for My Start-Up?

When I started my cupcake business in November 2012 I used three things to get me going – my laptop, a £20.00 hand-whisk and a second-hand mobile phone.  It takes very little by way of investment in technology to start most businesses these days - maybe this is why in November 2012 alone over 9000 start-ups were born in the UK?  One thing holding many of us back from starting that freedom business...more

How to Make a Living from Your Writing

Managing to make it in the world of writing is for many of us the dream.  We love writing and for those who love writing fiction then a whole new world is created simply from our minds, for others it’s a passion maintained alongside a busy life.  So how do we make our voices heard and have others pay for them?  First of all don’t write for money – much writing is a freelance endeavour ...more

How to control debt and become financially independent

I used to be an impulse spender and a shopaholic.  Believe it or not most of us tend to spend money on things we don’t really need and this can drag us into a cycle of debt where we try to pay off credit and store cards alongside large items bought on credit at high interest rates.  Once you’re in the mouth of this debt cycle it takes some strategic planning to escape, which is why I going to discuss something which just can’t be avoided. Finances....more