Newborn Madison :: Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

I did the newborn photos for this sweet little girl on what had to have been one of the most perfect days of fall so far this season. It was quiet and the sun was shining… such a beautiful time to be a newborn! How sweet is she in her little football outfit?! ...more

What’s In My Hospital Bag: For Mom

I’m a total crazy person and made up this packed graphic for what’s in my hospital bag. I LOVE packing and I’m a creature of comfort… so I definitely won’t be claiming to pack light I hope you find my suggestions useful and insightful – I have done this twice before and am pretty set on what I need and want to have around me for labor and delivery. Every Mama (and Daddy!) is different, and I totally get if some of what I’ve packed doesn’t work for you! ...more

Finished Postage Stamp Baby Quilt

I finished this quilt top some time ago and am finally getting a chance to share a few pictures of the finished product! I used this tutorial for piecing the squares (i.e. I did NOT sew together teeny tiny squares, but strips), and this book > Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern: Fresh Techniques for Busy Quilters for piecing the blocks. All of the prints are a collection of what I like to call “bright low volume” or pretty patterns with a white background ....more

Mini Halloween Shortbread Cookies

It’s a common misconception that all the things I do take a large amount of time (seriously, the most asked question I get is “Where do you find the time?! I can’t even find time to ________” filling in the blank with any number of mundane daily tasks)… but the time-consuming myth is just not true! At least not lately ....more

Newborn Henry

This sweet little fellow was born into so much love! Two big sisters ready to show him the ropes and a Mommy and Daddy as patient as ever. Welcome to the world, baby Henry! ...more

Cozy Knit Baby Blanket

I’m so excited to finally be able to share the details of this blanket! I’ve had it mind for baby Sally even before she was conceived. Novice knitter that I am, this blanket still worked up beautifully ....more

Just 8 Hours Old : Meet Baby Jones!

When my sweet friend, Kacia, asked if I’d sneak over to capture the first moments of their daughter meeting their son for the first time, I was crossing my fingers that the stars would align with his birth and my schedule. ...more

Quilt As You Go WIP

I’ve been waiting for-ever to get my hands on a copy of ...more

Seven Reasons Why You Need To Attend The Mom Con- And two tickets up for grabs!

Have you ever daydreamed about attending a conference? What are these elusive events for? Are they just for career women, being paid for and picked up by corporate America? ...more

Cutest Mobile Ever Made

Be prepared. Super epic picture post, right here. I am speechless over this amazing felt portrait Pink Cheeks Studios made of our family! ...more