Single Parenting: Doing the Best I Can

During the course of a conversation I had recently, a friend mentioned having parented solo for a few days the previous week while her husband was out of town on a business trip.  "I have no idea how you do that all the time, every day," she said. "There's no way I could." I get that a lot. Before this year, I could never have imagined how I'd do it either. But I have. ...more

This is a great post! I am a single mom myself to a gorgeous 2 year old boy and couldn't agree ...more

Women's Liberation: Why I Couldn't Have Lived at Any Other Time in History

The other night I was watching "Mad Men" -- a show ostensibly about the machinations of the Madison Avenue advertising industry of the mid-sixties, but in truth more about what the lives of women were like during that era -- when I realized something. The only time in history I could've ever existed was during the past forty years.  ...more

I too am grateful to be living at this precise time in history. So much has changed for women ...more

New VH1 Series "The Price of Beauty" Features Jessica Simpson Still Looking Unreasonably Attractive

I just need to get my frustration about this out at this point I think, so please humor me whilst I vent a spell. You see, the entire frame of reference and basic thinking behind Jessica Simpson's upcoming reality show on beauty and body image REALLY rubs me the wrong way. As in, MAKES ME WANT TO GOUGE MY OWN EYEBALLS OUT WITH A SPORK. Yes, *that* kind of 'rubs me the wrong way.' Please allow me to explain (and/or rant semi-coherently) (Don't say I didn't warn ya!) (Wheee!). ...more

I am not surprised that another TV show picked another super beautiful host.  I, and women ...more

How Should We Mourn Michael Jackson?

Faced with the aggrandizing media spectacle that's ensued since Michael Jackson's death last week, I can't help but wonder if we aren't experiencing some kind of collective cultural amnesia. The sudden, overly reverential elevation of Jackson's body of work and life these past few days is an odd turn to say the least, and in that sense a fitting end to the highly unusual life of very peculiar -- and yes, uniquely talented -- man. ...more

I've never before read a blog, but now that Michael Jackson has been dead for a month and I'm ...more

In Defense Of Kate Gosselin (Well, Sort Of)

Alright, that's it. I'm actually starting to feel bad for the Gosselins. *A little*. ...more

...except it involves the lives of ten real people.

I don't watch much television.  The ...more

The Brouhaha Du Jour: David Letterman Under Fire For Joke Involving Sarah Palin's Daughter

I'm going to start this post with the following preamble: disagreement does not have to be agitating or wholly divisive, and I hope that at the end of this we're all still friends, still speaking, and that you'll still hug me at BlogHer in a few weeks. Because I'm going to venture a guess that I'm in the minority with regard to my opinion on what David Letterman said Tuesday night, and whether or not what he said was acceptable. ...more

I believe Letterman when he said that he intended to joke about the 18 year old daughter.  He ...more

It's Gettin' Hot In Herre: Is Summer Jam Timez Nao?

Ladies, gentlemen, web citizens, it is time we discussed a matter of utmost urgency and national importance. We can wait no longer and must act now, take the symbolic bull by its horns and decisively strike while the metaphorical iron is theoretically hot to select this year's Canción Del Verano... Which I'm pretty sure roughly translates to Summer Jam (at least according to Google Translate it does). ...more

I thought this was going with Strawberry vs. Black Cap with Black cap being my all time ...more

Five Films To Watch This Memorial Day Weekend

In honor of this Memorial Day I'm taking a look at a few of my favorite war movies -- though to be perfectly frank with you at the outset, I've really never been a big fan of the War & Military genre of film, generally speaking. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love nothing more than watching stuff blow up... provided it's a Romulan spacecraft or a Transformer or some other creature similarly othered into something inhuman. I like to keep my enjoyment of stuff blowing up far, far away from this tender and easily triggered little thing I have permanently installed in my skullcase called human empathy, which I find nearly impossible to turn off. And let's face it: however grand the pyrotechnics, recognizing one's own humanity in something blowing up is, well, kind of a killjoy. How can I ENJOY the explosions and blossoming fireballs if I have to FEEL things? BAH! Stupid feelings! ...more

SPR is so visceral, as you said...putting us in the frame. Richard II features one of my ...more

On Hating MTV's "The Hills" (and loving it!)

I absolutely can't stand MTV's series "The Hills." So why can't I stop watching it? ...more

I'm glad someone has the nerve to come out and say she hates and loves The Hills. I watch it ...more

Lost In Lost's Funhouse

I'll begin with a confession: I really have no clue what I'm talking about here. ...more

I enjoy Lost for the same reason I enjoy David Lynch. Over and over it proves what a sucker ...more