My Mothers World. My Emancipation

My mother, wearing a white collared blue wasted dress with a soft petticoat, nylons and white pumps, waved me out the door to join the other neighbor kids walking to school. She had risen before the rest of the family, prepared a well balanced breakfast for us. Poached eggs in milk over buttered white toast, bacon, half a grapefruit broiled with brown sugar on top with a glass of orange juice. I never did know what she did the rest of the day while I was in school. I just assumed she sat and waited for us to come home....more

The Vet

I couldn’t help but notice him as I’m sitting in the waiting room of the VA while my husband receives radiation treatment for cancer.He’s an older veteran sitting crumpled like an unmade bed in his wheelchair. He stares at the floor and his face is marked with deep creases and a scraggly beard. He looks so tired and alone and he smells bad....more

When Feeling Sick Becomes The New Norm

For the last few years it’s been one health challenge after another, from chronic sinus problems and a bevy of flu’s, to finding a large (benign and harmless) arachnoid cyst in my brain at the left frontal lobe. Feeling as if I’m juggling one symptom or another and drenching myself in the latest ‘miracle cures’, I have grown weary from the effort required to feel well, and instead have surrendered to the dictates of the symptom(s) de jour....more

K-Cups Were Making Me Sick

A cup of hot bold, aromatic coffee is one of my most delightful elixirs and faithful morning companions. I am one that does not pop out of bed with vim and vigor to greet the day, rather I wake muddled and fuzzy headed until I can consume my mug of delicious instant-producing clarity that enables me to greet and step lively into my day. For my birthday last year I received a new brewing system that allowed me to stimulate my neuro- transmitters quicker and with much more ease....more

Heart Disease or Magic Beans

More than once I have stopped by the emergency room fearing I am having a heart attack. Symptoms have included tightness or sharp pains in my chest, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness and/or a pressure sensation in my jaw.As women, we are told to pay attention to any irregular symptoms like these and get checked out as heart disease is the number one killer of women and can easily go undetected....more

Maniacal Mid-life Musings and Menopause Mania… Part 2

Jan So I’m wondering, do you ever…                           think about the phrase “Wisdom Comes With Age” and wonder who made that up and what were they talking about???...more

Maniacal Mid-life Musings and Menopause Mania

Jan Brehmwww.planetsweetpea.comIt’s not just the menopause and all its uninvited symptoms that has me all gnarled up like some impossible yoga position, at almost 56 years old I often am accompanied by a myriad of sadness, joy, guilt and relief and I know there is no way to avoid it all, except to plow through. So I’m wondering, do you ever…...more

A Movie and A Mid Life Awakening

She sat upright with perfect posture displaying firm breasts that faced forward effortlessly as a German Short-haired Pointer. With full lips, the kind thin-lipped women attempt to replicate surgically, but regretfully result in a ‘come what may’ platypus pout, she extended her bronzed, toned legs, smiled and giggled. The perfect perfume, the perfect designer shoes and hair so expertly styled as if she were ready to hit the Paris Fashion Week runway, she filled the room....more